Petition Signatures for Canada's Got Talent
1051Scott Langley
I'm fifteen and everyone tells me that I'm a really great singer. I've never been able to compare myself to other people though. I want this more than anything
Want am amazing voice on your show? well im your girl! ;)
yes we should have Canadas got talent...i cant wait to rock the hous...wooooo!
Canadas got alotta talent!
1055Sarah Christensen
1056Lisa Jones
Canada's got talent!
I have always want to sing, but I have always been nerves getting up in front of people. I really enjoy singing. Can anyone help me.
1058Joshua Kilimnik
YAY! Canada's got talent is here!
1059Lila Isnardy
My niece has talent.
Just don't let our cgt disinergrate like our neighbours is evidently doing. This show is for the contestants. Let's go for it.
Um When do you guys Go to Toronto,Ontario Canada's Got Talent
1062Larry Bernier
Canada has a lot of talent on the streets, a lot of good musicians have come from Canada, it is worth a try for sure, and I think it will be more successful then canadian idol
1063Lexi Cohen
Come on, Canada's got as much talent as anywhere else! BRING IT!
1064Stacey Gibson
Let's show them!! We've got talent Canada!!
It looks like all of your wishes have come true! :)
1067Mabeny john
Am 15 years old and i got talent of music,actually i rap but i don't if it could be the best and thats why i want to show my talent to the world.i live in Africa but i really don't know how to get to canada and show my talent....please i really need this,my whole life is gonna depend on it..PLEASE
1068Mabeny john
Please i really need this, i got talent in hip-hip music.
1069Mabeny john
Please yes
1070Randall Brown
we need a second season
I really want to be on this show
1073Carolyn Balzer
We need to provide a platform for our talented youth rather than just being spectators of our neighbors to the south!
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Petition Details
Petition: Canada's Got Talent
Created By: Internet Guy
Created On: June 25th, 2008
Target: Canadian Production Companies
Category: Entertainment

Total signatures: 1073
Signature goal: as many as possible

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