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"He's a Witch" stop false domestic violence accusations [0 signatures]
A sexist world [0 signatures]
About Gambling Website [0 signatures]
Airlift supplies into Burma [233 signatures]
Ban Footwear Review Websites [0 signatures]
Encourage To Use Free Online Phone Tracking System [0 signatures]
Having Sheriff Thomas Bounds face CHARGES [12 signatures]
Keep the Cahill family in Canada (especially since their baby was born here!) [191 signatures]
Legal terrorism by foreign wife's in Canada [0 signatures]
Make Alex Hot Again [24 signatures]
NICE Riders Demand Veolia To Restore N21 and N27 Bus [0 signatures]
Presumption of Equal Shared Parenting After Divorce [53 signatures]
Rename Proton to Crouton [71 signatures]
Return to previous bylaws as pertains to backyard fire pits. [2521 signatures]
Srilanka: If this isn't GENOCIDE, WAR CRIME, Then What on Earth is? [3 signatures]
Stop DHS(CPS) from wrongful removal and abduction of our children [1 signatures]
To Provide Free Access to Cell Phone Tracking Websites [0 signatures]
To Set Up Counselling Center for Singapore Traveller [0 signatures]
To Set Up Counselling Centers For Singapore Tourists [0 signatures]
ViralQQ Bandar Poker Uang Asli [0 signatures]

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