1Lars :Larsen
Here we go again!It's the same thing every year.
2Andrea Sharp
unhealthy for kids to ride on a school bus without A/C in the August heat/humidity; no money to pay for the extra energy costs; most other countries summer break is in Labor Day Start does allow to visit family living outside the U.S.
3Jasa Wolfrey
Let's focus on the kids and education, first.
4Kenny Wolfrey
5Sherry Petri
Please do a facebook search and like the page "We like starting school after labor day in Stafford Va". Thank you for starting this petition. I hope they will listen.
6Michael C. Brown
7Chelsea Brown
8Ronald Vick
9Shawn Ballister
10Georgia M-Neary
11Stephen Ballister
12Jennifer Johns
PLEASE let us have our family summer... discounted rates in late August are the only way SO MANY families can afford a vacation! Thanks for the petition!
13Thomas Johns
14Marla Mooney
I have yet to see that adding extra days to the school calendar significantly improves student learning and the County school budget.
15Debby Martinich
16jade bolinh
17carmen fierro
18Beth A Mann
unsupported claims
19Pamela de Toledo
Are the schools so focused on improving test scores that they have forgotten about child development as a whole? Summers are so valuable for the development of life skills - independence, employment, etc. Family time is important too for our kids!
20Kelly Upton
21Kathy Morgan
Why is Fairfax County so successful with test scores and they start after Labor Day? Time to look inside our educational system for answers, folks. Board Members who vote yes, you get to ride the bus in the sweltering heat w. the kids if this passes!
22Alan Morgan
Mid-August start date? What Board Member is taking my kid back to college while I'm at the bus stop w/ my younger kids? Ah, another brilliant idea by the School Board.
23Kathleen Grilli
24Christina Perry
25Anne Jacobsen
There is no evidence to support the claim that this does anything to benefit the kids.
26Margaret Fearing
27Robert Fearing
28Tracey Powers
29Anne Baumgartel
30Anjanette Miller
31Lauren T. Bass
Seriously??? Spend all of that extra money on increased energy costs? Eliminating all of the ridiculous half-days would be a better option than forcing our kids back to school in the middle of the summer.
32Alfred Gregory
33Kathleen Cox
SOL's are given during the school year at the High School level. Snow make up days don't benefit the fall semester kids. SOL's at Elementary level are already given in June so the test dates have already been adjusted to the Labor day start.
34Lisa Gregory
35Mariah Strickland
NO! This is ridiculous! Don't cut summer and DON'T cut half days! Teach smarter! Quit focusing our kids on passing tests to meet a "STANDARD" and let them LEARN to remember not to cram for a test!!
36Martha Heins
37Robert P (Bob) Hunt
38Kristina Ballard
39Erin visser
Unless the extra time was used to give every child an IEP I am against extending the school year. We use the summer to apply what we have learned and would rather my kids experience those lessons rather than study for a mandated cookie cutter test.
40Ruth Carlone
41Angelo Michael Carlone
I agree with Mariah Strickland's comments
42Joe Brito
43heidi harrison
44Joe Harrison
45Ashley Krawczyk
46Christine Franklin
47Yvonne Barber
48Kristine Bealmear
49Wendy Babec
50John Babec
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Petition Details
Petition: Keep post Labor Day Start for Stafford County Schools
Created By: Dana Brown
Created On: February 18th, 2012
Target: Stafford County School Board
Category: Education

Total signatures: 61
Signature goal: As many as it takes to convince the School Board.

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