Keep post Labor Day Start for Stafford County Schools
Please join us to let the Stafford County School Board know you would like to keep the start day of school AFTER Labor Day.

According to the person who conducted Stafford County Schools Energy Audit, starting school early would result in a "significant" increase in energy costs. We have just learned we have a $19 million budget shortage. We are looking at not buying new textbooks/computers, programs going away, not replacing buses that have reached the end of their life cycle, and personnel reductions just to name a few things. But some school board members feel we have the money to waste on something like this. Additionally, the bus drivers feel it would be too hot for the children as our school buses have no air-conditioning and some children ride the bus up to an hour each way.

Central Office staff has repeatedly tried to get the school board to change the start date, despite consistent overwhelming opposition by the public. Staff has said we should do this "to improve test scores by allowing more time before high stakes tests". When asked by the school board to provide documentation supporting their claim, they admitted they could not. If staff truly feels extra days are important, they could cut some of the 15 half days we have. So far, they haven\'t.

Staff will soon be bringing another pre-Labor Day early start calendar to the school board for approval. So far, the following school board members have expressed their support to start early, some as much as three weeks:

Ms. Phillips - Hartwood District
Ms. Bohmke - Falmouth District (Vice Chair)
Ms. Johnson - Aquia District (Chair)

Most Recent Signatures
61Gwen Sorrell
I see no point in starting school before Labor Day. It will costs the schools much money to run, the kids won't want to be in there. As for vacation, my family can't afford to go to the beach in July. We don't like going in July. Who wants to get out in May? Not me.
60Dawn White
59Denis Roshioru
58Michele Roshioru
57Heather Stefl
56Stephen Crisp
55Lena Crisp
54Shirlene Upton
They want to start earlier. Why? Also, what is the point of starting early? This only means, that the kids get out earlier in the year so, what's the point? Want more days? Cut half days and shorten holiday vacations!
53Remy Kelish
52Sandra Kelish
51Annette Gentles
50John Babec
49Wendy Babec
48Kristine Bealmear
47Yvonne Barber
46Christine Franklin
45Ashley Krawczyk
44Joe Harrison
43heidi harrison
42Joe Brito
41Angelo Michael Carlone
I agree with Mariah Strickland's comments
40Ruth Carlone
39Erin visser
Unless the extra time was used to give every child an IEP I am against extending the school year. We use the summer to apply what we have learned and would rather my kids experience those lessons rather than study for a mandated cookie cutter test.
38Kristina Ballard
37Robert P (Bob) Hunt

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Petition Details
Created By: Dana Brown
Created On: February 18th, 2012
Target: Stafford County School Board
Category: Education

Total signatures: 61
Signature goal: As many as it takes to convince the School Board.

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