Petition Signatures for Restore free speech in the NFL
1Charles Lewis
2Karl Priest
3Joseph Mastropaolo
Be objective, not "politically correct."
4Layton Scalf
I agree totally!
5Dennis Lapso
No free NFL!
6T.V. Weber
When I played football, it was a man's game. What has happened?
7Boyd Howell
What happened to freedom & free speech?
8Hugh Adkins
It is pathetic that this once great organization has stooped to the level of religious persecution that it has.
9J. Graham
Tolerance is a two way street.
10Sydney K. Avery
Free speech is fundamental to freedom.... And you don't give it up just by joining the NFL.
11Bart Cox
we need to ensure 1st Ammendment rights remain and our American Constitution intact.
12Pastor Ernie Sanders
I hate political correctness
13Kevin Paul Eshelman
14Robert Mistretta
15Dr. Victor Terrana
16Pastor Joe Larson
Political correctness is nothing more than cultural marxism
17Pastor Joe Larson
Political correctness is nothing more than cultural marxism
18Harriet Larson
19Steve Tunder
Stop supporting the sin of sodomy. Support GOD instead.
20Gordon Klingenschmitt
I love the NFL but I hate their oppression of Christian opinions.
What a treasure Charles is - and what a brave champion of free speech. Maybe it's time to free the indentured servants of the NFL
22CouponKen Parker
Free Speech is under attack every where ; its time to fight for your GOD given RIGHTS; or Things will get much worse .... Commies by any style or type are part of satan's Stooges; ignorant programmed boobs, and baffled lost souls....
23John Owens
Have some courage to stand up for America people, without free speech there is no U.S.A.
24Jeff Bloomer
The Truth most always upsets the majority.
25scott clapper
Freedom speech is guaranteed under the bill of rights, this is non-negotiable.
Also maybe the NFL can start paying taxes and stop there tax exempt status! Why should "we the people" subsidize your multi-billion a year profits!
26simione daveta
The duty of a Patriot is to protect his country from all evil.
27Joe Clarke
NFL is making sports unwatchable because of Political Correctness
28Jett Black
Get rid of Bob Costas then
29Angie Tyndall
Freedom of Speech os not just for one person nor one group, but for all. Eliminate our Constitution and all freedoms will be gone.
I'm telling every one to boycott the NFL until this anti-American socialist nonsense is stopped.
31Gregory Panos II
32Mike Jeter
I agree , it's not about a select groups rights, it's all of our rights to have the freedom to voice our beliefs as long as there's no malice
33J L Rohr
Fuck the nfl
34Sharalyn Mitchell
35david vander Molen
Wrong read Gods Word!!!
36Fred & Shirley Renner
Don't forget THIS IS AMERICA
and this is ONE of our RIGHTS..
WE need to get our country BACK ON TRACK, and this is a
good start....thanks for getting it started, let's keep it going !!!
We fans make the nfl you dumb asses. You fools control nothing
39Rick Ronning
About time the silent majority speaks up.
Freedom of speech needs to be protected
41Frank Krischanowski
Think about this: Political Correctness in its most disgusting and virulent form has apparently conquered the toughest men in American sports and surely the panty-waists who control their lives.
42Jerry Melton
it is time to stand up to the gays they demand free speech for them then cry when you state your opinion which is our first amendment rights
43Jeffe Slocumb
It's time to stand for TRUTH.
"All it takes for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing."
44Tonya Adams
45John Burnette
46Karen McAfee
Play sports,NOT politics...leave my right to voice my thoughts alone,I don't tell you how bigoted you are(by the way you are !).You have a right to your opinion as long as it doesn't include destroying mine !!!I have the same rights that you have !
47Robert Callahan
48donnie johnson
49John Honaker
I'm with you!
50Steve Manning
Free speech is more important than political correctness. And I believe gays have the right to be who they are too.
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Petition Details
Petition: Restore free speech in the NFL
Created By: Charles Lewis
Created On: August 4th, 2014
Target: National Football League
Category: Media, Arts, Culture

Total signatures: 63
Signature goal: 10,000,000

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