Restore free speech in the NFL
To the National Football League:

We, the undersigned, hereby petition the National Football League to end, effective immediately, its persecution of its personnel, in the form of its policy of severely punishing, and, in effect, extorting apologies from players, coaches, or staff who - without disrespect or vulgar or threatening language - express (including in private conversations) opinions, on moral issues, that may diverge from those endorsed by the league or any of its teams.

This policy constitutes a brazen violation of the First Amendment, and has manifested itself recently on the issue of homosexuality. It has resulted in fines, suspensions, the imposition of the psychological torture entailed in "sensitivity training", and combinations of these penalties. It has had a devastating effect on freedoms of speech and religion for both the individuals punished and others around the league who might speak out but fear similar repercussions.

Voicing a point of view critical of homosexual behavior, or of "gay marriage" (a cause that has lost in the vast majority of state voter initiatives on the subject throughout the nation) is not analogous to racial discrimination. The equating of the two is insulting to those who have been subject to the latter. Rather, the former typically is a response to an offense to one\'s religious convictions or natural sensibilities, and/or concerns about the potential for corruption of youth; it is not, in general, bigotry.

We resolve that, unless and until this policy is reversed - with free speech and freedom of religion restored to NFL personnel - we will patronize neither the league, its products, nor its sponsors.

Most Recent Signatures
63Charles Morris
62Charles Morris
61David Simons
Our 1st amendments right, like all our God given & constitutional rights, are more important in every way than anybody's choice of living lifestyle...Period!
60Angie Tyndall
The Constitution guarantees our rights and we need to still fight to be free.
59joe n. boyd
58Victor Terrana
57Kath-Jo Kirk
David said, "Lord, I refuse to offer offerings to You that cost me nothing."
2 Samuel 24:24 Will we do less, AFTER Jesus paid such a high price for us? Thank you Charles, for calling us higher!
56Nancy Eppes
55robert thomas
54Wiley Drake
53sherry lynn
52Chase Schomburg
51jane wellborn
We still have a document called the constitution and the first amendment. Who made you God to make judgments on people who don't think exactly like you do? I say boycott the NFL until free speech rights are restored.
50Steve Manning
Free speech is more important than political correctness. And I believe gays have the right to be who they are too.
49John Honaker
I'm with you!
48donnie johnson
47Robert Callahan
46Karen McAfee
Play sports,NOT politics...leave my right to voice my thoughts alone,I don't tell you how bigoted you are(by the way you are !).You have a right to your opinion as long as it doesn't include destroying mine !!!I have the same rights that you have !
45John Burnette
44Tonya Adams
43Jeffe Slocumb
It's time to stand for TRUTH.
"All it takes for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing."
42Jerry Melton
it is time to stand up to the gays they demand free speech for them then cry when you state your opinion which is our first amendment rights
41Frank Krischanowski
Think about this: Political Correctness in its most disgusting and virulent form has apparently conquered the toughest men in American sports and surely the panty-waists who control their lives.
Freedom of speech needs to be protected
39Rick Ronning
About time the silent majority speaks up.

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Petition Details
Created By: Charles Lewis
Created On: August 4th, 2014
Target: National Football League
Category: Media, Arts, Culture

Total signatures: 63
Signature goal: 10,000,000

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