1Anastasia Petukhova
2This signature has been deleted.
3madison tomkow
4Graden Bramhill
Legal or not I'm still havin it on
5Jamie Belanger
7Logan Hebein
Makes me feel safe and keeps me comfortable, legalize!!
8Sheldon Glionna
9Arjan Rasapour
Legal or not, I'm keeping it. But legalize for my safety.
10James Mayers
it is a safety thing
11Damian J
12Judy Griff
The police are allowed to have the tint on their ghost cars. Also the law is not enforced consistantly.
Agree 100%, let's get rid of this stupidity.
yes totally agree!
15Kim Basra
Front window tint should be legalized. I have had 3 tickets now. I got a ticket today with a 7 day notice to have my tint removed or they will seize my plates. I bought my used car from a dealership here in surrey with the windows already tinted. If it is
Yes. I agree with Anastasia.
17Sarita Kumar
18Alex Sze
Front tinting prevents Cataract.
19Nathan Matsuda
20Nataie Blecker
I just got a notice of order to remove my tint or I will not be able to renew my insurance, its BS, Legalize!!
21Brad Castilla
I just recieved my 3rd ticket in BC for tint, and 2nd Notice and order, 35% tint ! 35% !!!.. not dark at all, but reflects 95% of the heat from the sun. gdamnit im sick of this.
22Cody Wouters
For the safety of our children!
24Wes Stewart
This is truly another form of taxation allowing the police to hassle and penalize otherwise lawfull and tax paying citizens.I would like to see evidence of the laws basis of safety.Further if eye contact is the lead reason, establish a darkness maximum.
25Kevin Nicholson
Legalize front window tint.It's great protection from UV rays, privacy, and ease to do shoulder checks when the sun is in your eyes.
27Andrew L
Bought my car used with the windows tinted. Didn't have a clue about the legalities of it and was pulled over and ticketed. It's only lightly tinted as well.
Legalize window tint. We have the right to privacy in our vehicles
Legalize at least 35%. For safety.
30Bill Lee
Legalize 50% tint for entire windshield and front side windows.
31Edward C
Should be legalized for partial tinting around 35% at least to block out the sun and UV rays.
I agree, but with a limit, ie. 35-50%. No limo tint up front whatsoever due to our own safety and for officers and the like.
34Sang H Park
My car have been broken into few years ago. I would hate to have that happen again. Please legalize tinted windows ON ALL WINDOWS.
35Harj Dulai
Silly law
36Lydia Jakovac
Tinting of front windows offer protection against cancer, reduces risk of break-ins. make it available for safety purposes please.
37Jeff Carlson
35-50% should be legal.
38Robert Verkaik
I think that it should be legal as it allows the person in the car to drive better (no sun in eyes, and less heat from sun.) this also gives the person with the tint to have less exposure from the sun. there are lots about cancer and window side of driv
39Yvette Bielert
40Harland Bielert
41.Ethel Bielert
I agree
42Roger Bielen
Legalize at least 35% tint and lighter.
44Ranjit J
45Simarjeet S
47Andy Johal
48Sean Grewal
5 percent tint so they can't see up in my window
50Jasmeet Parmar
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Petition Details
Petition: Legalize front window tint in British Columbia, Canada
Created By: Anastasia Petukhova
Created On: January 20th, 2012
Target: Blair Lekstrom, Minister of Transportation and Infrastructure
Category: Other

Total signatures: 137

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