Legalize front window tint in British Columbia, Canada
I am writing to make an inquiry and express concern about the window tint law in British Columbia, a law which I believe is unfair to the citizens of our beautiful province.

I am particularly alarmed by the fact that this law states that “No film is permitted on the driver’s compartment, right and left”. In the past couple of years, I have witnessed multiple cars with front window tint get an ordered inspection, or a ticket. However, every month I notice more and more vehicles with front window tint. Why does this law still exist? Should comfort and safety not be the top concerns when it comes to our vehicles?

I am mostly concerned about the fact that we have seen a drastic increase in car break-ins. In the past year, my boyfriend has had 1 car stolen and 2 broken into, there were 7 cars broken into in one night on my street, all of which did not have front window tint. I live in White Rock, which is one of the safest areas in British Columbia. I recently read in the Vancouver Sun that Greater Vancouver has one of the worst property crime rates in North America. According to statistics 40,000 cars were broken into in 2005. And the amount of break-ins has been rising since. I also read that Lower Mainland residents are more likely to have their cars broken into than residents of any other major Canadian city — four times more likely than those in Toronto. Legalizing window tint is a great way to prevent break-ins as it is very difficult to flash a light through tinted windows compared to clear windows (the people that broke into the cars around my area used flash lights to look for valuables). And, if a burglar did flash their light through the windshield they would only see the seats, and most people leave valuables in the center console, on the back seat or on the floor, the center console is blocked by the dashboard when looking from the windshield, evidently you cannot see below the dashboard and the front seats block the back seats.

Also, window tint offers glare reduction, heat rejection, and UV protection. Which means that it would improve the safety of road conditions as drivers wouldn’t need to squint when looking in their side mirrors, which reflect the bright headlights of the cars behind you and beside you. Our accident rate is also going up and I believe we should take all precautions we can to provide safety to our roads, especially with our growing population. Not to mention, the comfort of all road users would improve in a darker atmosphere because it is proven that bright skies like we often have here in Vancouver due to constant rain, affect the nerves in your eyes, tightening your muscles and giving you headaches. Headaches often lead to stress and stress often leads to lack of concentration which is crucial while driving.

I have attached a signed petition of all the British Columbia residents that agree with all the information presented in this letter, and as your many constituents, it is our request that you overlook this law. Because, when we buy houses we are allowed to put curtains on our windows, and many people could be put at risk in both vehicles and houses, police officers cannot see people that are in their houses, they cannot see the people in the back of the vehicle either so why is this law so strict when it comes to the front windows? We believe that since we have paid money for our vehicle and our vehicles maintenance, we should legally be allowed to make any modifications we believe would improve our safety. If you believe that there are no flaws in this law please reply with your reasons.

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136Brad Brohman
Legalize window tints like other provinces
We are moving to British Columbia and in order to get BC plates we have to strip off our front window tint. Really annoying.
134Zaid q
End these laws. Allow front window tint to a vlt of 35%.
This entire law is a joke. It's not a safety risk. It actually shatters in one giant piece when broken. A petition needs to be delivered and changes made. Police should not be able to use the excuse of safety to vandalize someone's property when it's not unsafe.
75% tint should be allowed and or in cases of medical
I thought my car would look better with front window tint. I have a sensitive reaction to the sun and I've been ticket for having tint.
Why can u wear sunglasses and drive a motorcycle with tinted goggles and what makes it illeal here? Whats so diffrent about ontario
130Braedy Shaw
Stupid law, window tint is far from dangerous. However, it should limited to a certain point. You should be able to tint them down to what ever level is decided upon but no tint is ridiculous.
129Alex Shen
128Pavan Samra
i wanna tint my car windows but i can't because of this silly law
127Wade MacMillan
It's pretty bad when a cop pulls you over for a fine for tint. There's a lot more things they could be doing with their time like looking for real offenders. Just a tax grab as far as I'm concerned.
126Rob Smith
Legalize it
125melissa arens
124alan chornyj
This ban on front door window film turns normal law abiding tax payers into criminals.This ban needs to be removed
123Harp thind
Legalize it
122Brad MIstry
Silly law...
121Kirtveer Bath
Legalize tint!!!
120stephen white
Legalize it!!!!
Tint is essential against glares, specially drivers from the opposite direction lane blinds you and can't see the road for few seconds, which according to the road laws, is enough to not see a child crossing the road
118Adam Wagner
legalize it!, prevents cancer and saves the environment.
117Rob McIsaac
My vision gets obstructed when the ground is wet after it rains and since Vancouver weather is bipolar the sun decides to come out and hits the ground blinding me. So not having my windows tinted makes it harder if not dangerous for me to drive.
115Jordan Fieber
Ridiculous law. Just another money making fine for ICBC.
114Darcy Lyons
Tint Saves fuel by not having to run the A/C as often. Prevents skin Cancer! blocks UV rays, I tint front windows every day. Customers won't go without it. Make it LEGAL!
113jacob ellis
tint below 30% should be allowed

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Created By: Anastasia Petukhova
Created On: January 20th, 2012
Target: Blair Lekstrom, Minister of Transportation and Infrastructure
Category: Other

Total signatures: 137

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