I Still routinely play the DA games, best hackers since Diablo 1. Bring on a sequel. If junk like Sacred can thrive enough to warrant a sequel...
Me too!
I just passed DA1 on Extreme Difficulty, going to do DA2 now. Be greate if they could make a DA3.
Please make this happen Atari!
5Chris Kaufman
Remember getting this game for my birthday, doesn't work anymore. Be great to get it again and in HD.
6Chet Williams
If this happens my family will be so happy. I need my BG: DA3.
7Alheandro Sino
Plse relese in Colmbia s'well sry for bad Englis, from west columba.
North Philedelphia will be so happy if this ends up happening.
Down here in the West Yukon, we dont play much video gaming but when we do its the DA Games.
Just got DA2, sad they cant make a third one.
Jrdn here, lets live it up for the Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance third sequel, Wooh-hoo!
Play this game with my 17 year old son, be sad to stop playing it just because Atari was an ass and doesn't have anything good coming out.
Too many good memories with this series, me and a lot of my friends agree.
14John P
I'm all for this.

Think about it!
15Harry Rai
I remember screwing up on this. I would like to do good on a video game... for the first time in my life because I suck balls at video games, especially Cod: BO.
I need this.
I hope thay bring them back. Gameplay was awesome.
I really hope to see these dnd games become more developed in the future. A big older player base is still hoping for this
This series has the potential to become big once more.
Need more awesome.
23Richard M
i would love to see a 3rd game to finish up the story and i'm sure theres a lot of people out there who feel the same.
24Aaron H
Dude I don't even care about D&D and I LOVED Baldurs Gate that tells you something I'm just a normal gamer but I would so buy the 3rd one JUST for the gameplay!!! (Get gold, spend gold)
25D Jandreau
Any Baldur's Gate game(original or Dark Alliance).
HECK YEAH BGDA 3! i beat all of them out so far
28Some Guy
Only if it got a wii version at least. I hardly use my 360.
29Douglas G
I hope this happens. Wii port would be nice, and while your at it port Burst Limit.
In west Philadelphia born and raised, playing Baldur's gate dark alliance is where I spent most of my days...
33Mara the Mighty
I really want a Baldur's Gate Dark Alliance 3
34Jordan Appleton
Do it. I need my fix since I cannot find a new 5" floppy drive to work with windows 7...
What Wolf said was all so true.
Hi, my name is Goldy and I'm addicted to Baldur's Gate: Dark AllI iance 1 + 2 It once was my daily dosage of video play. I really need to have 3 + 4 but I would settle for BGDA 3. Please don't let your consumers and faithful players down. We need it you.
37Michael Pearlstein
I grew up with this series and I would love to see this go far, please make us a DA 3!
38Jordon Keyes
39Christopher J. Keyes
Like my cousin, I agree. We need this.
40Harry Keyes
I'm with my brother Chris, this game would sell a lot at my video game store. Lots of hardcore RPG fans there.
41Jayden Lambert
Well, finally somebody has started something like this.
42Jay Evans
Please, please, please make Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance III. It needs a conclusion, not a cliff-hanger.
I would really like to see a remake of the series and or a Dark Alliance 3.
45Eddie Brunson
This is my friends fav games of all time and I want to but them again for my 360. I want acheivements.
46Jacob F
This game is the best! Please make a sequel!
Thatīs what Iīm talkinībout!
Dark Alliance 2 was released in 2004 and still holds it's value at $34.99.
We replay DA 1 & 2 once a year. Please make DA 3 for the new consoles- then my friends and I could play it together on Xbox Live until 3am!
49Paul Wright
I still have a PS2 just to play Dark Alliance 1. I new version would be awesome!
best rpg ive ever played, would buy a re-release / bg:da3
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