Atari: Re-release the Baldur\'s Gate games and Develop The Black Hound: Baldur\'s Gate III
Atari, when people think of RPG\'s they think of D&D. When they think of D&D video games: they think of Baldur\'s Gate, something good... but wait then they think of something bad: no third sequel. Now what defines a sequel in video games? Not story, not characters, its gameplay. I mean look at BioShock, the third game looks equally scary. That is why we want Atari to create: The Black Hound: Baldur\'s Gate III.

What do we want in it, gameplay that is similar to the original Baldur\'s Gate games. Add in new features, just have the same basic gameplay. NWN2 gameplay, we don\'t care, it\'s close enough. Story: use the basic draft of the original Black Hound story, then create your own out of it, but include references to the original Baldur\'s Gate story and the Dark Alliance story. Oh, and please release The Black Hound: Baldur\'s Gate III for consoles, PS3 preferably, as well.

One last requirement for this to work: re-release the original Baldur\'s Gate games, BG1 and expansions, BG2 and expansions, for PC, Mac and consoles. Update the graphics on this, whether or not you are going to update the gameplay, that is up to you.

Whether you release these games in 2011 or 2012, we do not care: Just Make It Happen. Oh and if you think I am just another fan, guess again. I know games take time, I make games they take a lot of time, but your Atari a giant video gaming corporation... but you also do not know how many people would want to work for you. Make it happen, please.
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You know what, ingore the previous petition statement. Read this and this only. Atari, please re-release Baldur\'s Gate 1 and 2 in North America in a Baldur\'s Gate collection. And if possible, port the game to the PS3, I know that might be a little hard but please attempt it.

And please create The Black Hound: Baldur\'s Gate 3, keep the original story that Black Isle Studios was going to use, then revamp it a little and change it so that it connects with the original Baldur\'s Gate series and the DA Series.

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The last update should still be read, but the original message completely ignored. Okay, release The Black Hound: Baldur\'s Gate 3 for PC/Mac and PS3. This way you should not only acquire new fans, but also retain the old ones.

We all know about the situation your in Atari, you need to make this game and re-release the other games.

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keep up the good fight man us console owners need love too.
we need this game
pls let it be
I think it's pretty simple. When you end up imagining things, rather than being put abruptly in front on them, you can appreciate a lot more a role-playing game. It's like reading a book.
So, please, please, PLEASE, take BG2, and continue it story! No 3d,
le 3, le3, le3

i waiting baldur gate III on ps3 i want pay 70 euros for have it

please develop it for ps3

if i can buy directly for ps3
i will dowload a warez version for pc to play on linux on my ps3
if it working

but i prefer pay a specific version


remy to
26Connor Scott
24Jacob Hess
Just finished up Dark Alliance 2 again, need Dark Alliance 3 for Xbox 360 right now!
I'd like to play turn based D&D video game! This will be the most pleasant game ever for me

Baldurs gate III or The Temple of Elemental Evil 2. (Turn based)
22James Cote
21Sean Lott
20Levon Parseghian
I would support and know many games who would also support a baldurs gate 3 title.
Don't be scared homie
Atari: Re-release the Baldur's Gate games and Develop The Black Hound: Baldur's Gate III
17Jay Evans
Please, please, please make Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance III. It needs a conclusion, not a cliff-hanger.
I'd really like that.
Nd it.
I saw this on the Interplay Forums, a good idea in my mind. Maybe we can get Dark Alliance 3 as well.
Its about time RPG's started to go good again.
Loved is game, can not wait for the third gam it will be awsom.
I know a lot of people who would get their boards out to play another D&D video game.
Dont gv up hop the great JZ never dd.
Sry for bad Anglish.

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Created By: Bal Randhawa
Created On: April 10th, 2011
Target: Atari
Category: Entertainment

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