2017 San Diego Comic Con Funko Boycott
As a huge San Diego Comic Con Fan this is hard for me but needs to be done. If your anything like me one of the best parts of any con is exclusive hunting. I spend months thinking of which ones I might want to try for and saving the money required to get them only to find out they sold out within seconds of the con floor opening. I could let this go if I lost out fair and square but i didn\'t. I like many others fall victim every year to crooked vendors using the fact that they are on the main floor early to get an unfair advantage in getting to the line before regular attendees can. THIS NEEDS TO STOP!

Divided we are a small insignificant voice but united we can become a force that vendors can\'t ignore. At the end of the day we pay there bills and if we all take a stand we will affect their bottom line. I realize asking you all to boycott all vendors is unrealistic but at the same time I need to choose one that is big enough to prove that no vendor is out of reach. So I have chosen Funko. I know many of you will want everything they have to sell but one year of suffering could end in many years of better treatment! So i ask everyone to pledge to stand with me and not buy any of Funko\'s 2017 San Diego Comic Con Exclusive and also not buy from them at the con at all in a effort to stop them from selling to people who are just going to turn around and exploit their fan base, thanks for your time!

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Created By: Ethan Allen
Created On: February 22nd, 2017
Target: SDCC Major Vendors
Category: Corporate Accountability

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