Ban Illegal Online Casino Website

The Task: To Bring Awareness About Illegal Casino Games

The Issue: Many young players who are under aged are involving in playing online casino games which are restricted for those who are below 18 years. Many online casinos are available on the internet, just like that many casinos will not possess the age restriction. This has led many young kids to involve themselves in gambling at very young age. Kids are not aware about the casino and are getting addicted to it. This have created lot of issues within the children.

The Solution: Internet is a vast pool which has got huge information within it. Many casinos have led its way in making its availability online. Kids who are highly attracted towards the games do not have any idea about what casino is, they will download some of the casino games which will be available for everyone without any restrictions.

Kids gets addicted gradually to casino as they keep on playing. The parents should be fare enough to check what their kids are playing. There will be high risks associated with the kids, they will get addicted and even involve in paying money to the casino.

Some of the websites will contain the malwares, it may even damage the computer. Some of the hackers will pass some viruses purposefully to hack the system to get the personal information about the players in order to get the profit in terms of money.

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Created By: James Hall
Created On: November 27th, 2019
Target: Internet Gaming Council
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