1Joe Martino
The football definitely owes a huge debt of gratitude to Mr. Philip for his efforts in having the field reconstructed when the program started!!
2cathy martino
Had the privilege of working with Mr. Philip in track and field as well as football. Fully supportive of this idea.
3Rick Honaizer
Had the privilege of Mr. Philip as a teacher and played football alongside his son. Over the years Mr. Philip and his family have been instrumental in the development of sports/education at Ballenas. It would be an honor to have his name on the field.
4Chris Martino
had mr. phillip as a teacher, coach and athletic director. Very deserving
5Caleb Pritchard
Very deserving
6Joshua Wall
7Mike Ferguson
8This signature has been deleted.
9Jack Ferguson
10Jay Ferguson
we work closely with John as he administers the International Students at Ballenas. Have always been amazed by his enthusiasm
11Kerryn Tanner
He was an awesome teacher! He so deserves this!!
12This signature has been deleted.
13Joshua Patton
14Kathy Allenby
Our children never went to Ballenas, but we knew the Phillips family well. His wife and children through sports! Nice person!!
15Justin Andrushko
John Philip has spent countless hours as a coach and teacher at Ballenas, he has been an integral part as to why so many of the Ballenas Whalers teams have been so successful and respected over the years. He is very deserving of this honor.
16Erin philip
Go dad go!
17Katie mason
18Judy schaefer
Changing the name of the field would be such a tribute to such a dedicated teacher and coach.
19Donna Damberger
what a great idea
20Beatrice Meston
i have known John in his capacity with the international program. Well deserving of this honour.
21Lynda Paul
John is my brother-in-law and I have watched his selfless support of sports for youth since I have known him. He is a dedicated and deserving coach! Way to go John!
22keri chapdelaine
23James Szarka
24Morgan Benere
25Mallory Nakagawa
What a great idea! Happy retirement John!
27Jan Martens
28Mark Sherwood
An incredible tribute to an amazing man.
29Saul Minkoff
30Michelle Lamarche
31Alana Booth
Great idea!!!
32Ruth Stefanek
Philip Field....I love it. John and Bev have put Countless hours into the development of youth in the Parksville community. This would be a fitting title for the field.
33Margaret Chapdelaine
Even though my daughter did not play volleyball John has certainly given up his free time and famliy time for many years to coach the Ballenas Girls Volleyball team.
34Caitlin Sigouin
35Brett W
36Jenniie Kwasnecha
A great coach and a great family! He deserves it!
37Julia Hartkopf
I was so lucky to be one of John's exchange students and he gave me the great chance to join him and the volleyball team in many practices and especially travels around the province.
38Jen Pickard
Awesome, awesome idea!
39Nik austin
Do it! Do it now! :D
41Kelli Speidel
John Philip is very deserving of this honur. He has given selflessly for his entire career. I LOVE this and support this completely.
42Stephanie McEvoy
44Char Johnson
45Martin Perry
46Jen Alexander
Great idea! He deserves it.
47Matt Ciolfi
great guy
48Carolin Kluge
John deserves it! For so many years he has been so passionate about volleyball and so dedicated to train young people. All his successes should be honoured through the naming of that field.
49Kerry Wilson
To paraphrase an old coach; you can be great if given the opportunity. John gave a lot of kids that opportunity. He deserves this.
50Anthony Wall
It will be well deserved. Thank you for all your support of the football program and all Ballenas athletics over the years.
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Petition Details
Petition: Officially name Ballenas Secondary School's field and track "John Philip Field."
Created By: Joe Martino
Created On: January 24th, 2015
Target: School District 69, Qualicum Trustees; Superintendent - Rollie Koop; Principal Ballenas Secondary School - Rudy Terpstra
Category: Education

Total signatures: 282
Signature goal: 300

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