Attention Tourists! Please Do Not Ride on Carriage Ride (観光客の皆さん、セントラル・パークの馬車に乗らなӓ
Please tourists, please do not take ride on New York City Horse Drawn Carriage because there has been many accident.
観光客の皆さん、ニューヨークの馬車に乗らないで下さい。お願いします。馬車で一杯請 交通じこがおきました。

This is reason why NY Class (New York Cleaners for Livable, Safer Street) want to introduce Introdo 86A Bill that replaces carriage ride with safe antique electric vintage car.

このためにNY-Class・マイ・クラス (New Yorkers Cleaners for Livable, Safer Street)が馬車のかわりに安全な電気で走るアンティークでビンテージカーを走りたいです。

Please sign petition here at NY Class at http:/
このPetition NYCLassのPetitionをサインしてお願いします。

Most Recent Signatures
2Umi Hagitani
Both workers and horses are exploited and abused during the night-thru waiting time.
1Yuki Endo
Tourists Are Facing Great Danger with Carriage Ride in New York City

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Petition Details
Created By: Yuki Endo
Created On: August 19th, 2012
Target: Domestic and International Tourists
Category: Animal Welfare

Total signatures: 2
Signature goal: 999999

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