Protect Your Travel Privacy

Task: Protect Your Travel Privacy

Description: In the hustle and bustle of taking care of every last detail to get a trip ready, there is one part of your life you might at times neglect to mind: your privacy.


Your judgement and view of the world are different going into travel and actually being out of town. If you are going to share photos online or with anyone, you may always be in danger to leak your privacy. This is especially true of sharing photos through social media. Be careful about who you email them to. It might seem complex initially, but it is worth the time to implement them. Most technology and software has privacy and safety settings that you can use to protect yourself, your property and your accounts from harm. Do not take the risk of getting robbed or embarassed, just because you are on the road.


Your little action will help you to overcome from this situation. For example, if you are going to share photos online or with anyone, check the settings for privacy. Be careful about who you email them to.

Any documents you have that you need to get back home should be left in your hotel room safe. This is primarily your passport and airline tickets. Also put an emergency credit card in there.

Enable the password protection on everything you have with you. This includes your phone, if possible your camera, your laptop and your tablet.

Keep an eye on your financial accounts including those linked to your credit and debit cards. Make sure there are no sudden unexplained charges while you are out.

Try traveling without your laptop. If you do take it, you risk identity theft and other consequences. Also, what would you really do with it? Work? Look at videos online of cats? You are on vacation. Do things you do not do at home.

If you use the Internet on a public computer, or use a computer for any reason for that matter while away, make sure to log all the way off. Know what the data erasure policies are at that establishment and do not get online anywhere you feel is suspicious.

Never alert social media friends through your public feed that you are away. Private message those that you trust, if you wish, so they know where you are. However, if you have hundreds of friends online, some of whom you barely know, do not assume that none of them would not take the chance to break into your house while you are gone.

Make sure that any technology you take along has tracking software or features on it. Certain models of smartphones have apps that you can install that lock them and show the GPS coordinates, so that thieves not only can not use them, but are also tracked by their location. Sometimes, they will just ditch the phone and you can retrieve it.

If you get online using Wi-Fi, only do so if it is secure. Also, do all Internet surfing and usage through https for an additional layer of protection. You do not want to fall prey to identity theft away from home. For that matter, stop your mail or have a friend collect it so that no one snags it while you are away.

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