Ban Online Games Which Loots Money
The Task: To provide an idea about the games which loots the money in the name of gaming.

The issue: Today, many players around the world like to play different games which are available on the internet. Online gaming have become favorite for many young kids as well as adults since the advancement in technology and high speed broadband availability has become more accessible. To take an advantage of this, many games are associated to collect the money to provide additional features. Ideally, few games which are considered as game introduced by a non-reputable sites will collect the money, promising that to provide extra benefits whereas in reality the players will get cheated at the end.

The Solution: Online gaming risk are becoming dangerous day by day. Few unsafe games can pose a risk to the userís privacy and can create threats to the computer security. The player should make use of the internet wisely to know the detailed information about the game before downloading and installing it into the personal computer. If the player installs the spam games the malwares and viruses will be directly get inserted to the computer. These malwares will create lot of issues within the computer. Before downloading any games check for the age ratings, turn on the privacy settings and make use of blocking and reporting the spam sites. Always keep the personal information safe so that the player will not loose his/ her money.

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Created By: Althea Dunaway
Created On: November 20th, 2018
Target: Online Gamers
Category: Other

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