Extreme Opportunity Loss If Show Doesn\'t Air Again
If the fucking awesome worthy T.V. show concept/idea had an amazing opening pilot episode, which it did, then you guys have had potential for three years (in counting (2006)) of "saving" (having good quality within) the not-so-great "adult swim" "block" of television which occurs late at night. You guys had an absolutely amazing start; You have literally created a 22-minute episode which feels like an actual "movie" rather that a simple, crappy, lazy-feeling, cheap joke, not-so-funny episode of Aqua Teen Hunger Force. Korgoth of Barbaria makes Aqua Teen Hunger Force look like Sesame Street. Virtually every single person who has seen the genious episode of Korgoth has *loved* every second of it. It is apsolutely epic on a vast, grand scale, and with hardcore laughs, and of course the great dark-humor bloody action; To put it simpley, I have had a lot more fun watching the 22-minute "Korgoth movie" over and over, over ANY episode of any other shitty, cheap-ass Adult Swim show. This show has actual quality; Korgoth would be the next instalment of great comedy cartoons (next to Family Guy). So far, it just seems that Family Guy is virtually the only show that\'s saving the "shallow" Adult Swim; We have only gone as "deep" as Family Guy. I am so sorry to say this, but: Adult Swim is kind of...dumb!...and not very funny at all! If it is MONEY that you people want, then a SHIT load of money you will get off of writing more episodes. Trust me, everyone will watch it for many, many years. You people will be swimming in cash, while you got a very satisfied T.V. watching nation. And you will have created a geniously crafted "upgrade" that will literally create a "deep-end" for Adult Swim...Just bring back this awesome cartoon! My gosh!

P.S. I\'ve seen "Korgoth of Barbaria" over and over, and the single pilot NEVER gets old. ;)

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I agree! Continue Korgoth! I loved every second of it! Continue the show people!

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Created By: Isaac DiConti
Created On: July 5th, 2009
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Category: Entertainment

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