LVHS deserves better..........
We the undersigned are asking Sue Ross, Stephanie Teague and Ella Hobson to step down from their positions at Loudoun Valley High School.

At a Loudoun Valley faculty meeting on May 19, 2014, the allegations of abuse against Sue Ross and the other administrators mentioned above were dismissed by the LCPS administration, under Dr. Hatrickís leadership at the time.

Because of a technicality the teacher\'s complaints were never properly processed and Dr. Hatrick\'s final request to the staff was to "stop the rumor mill", a clear indication that he thought 60+ teachers are lying. And then he retired.

The current administration believes that sending in an additional assistant principal will correct the situation. We acknowledge that it will improve the behavior of the above stated individuals, but the atmosphere of mistrust, known previous intimidation and fear still remains.

The only solution is to remove these administrators from our school and let us begin to heal. The students deserve to have a school where their teachers donít educate from a place of fear.

So, now it is up to us. If you believe that LVHS deserves better management, sign this petition to ask Sue Ross and the other administrators to step down.

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Created By: Donna Long
Created On: June 13th, 2014
Target: Parents, Teachers, Students and members of the Valley community
Category: Education

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Signature goal: 400

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