Imposing Term Limits on the Premier and MLAs in Alberta
The Conservative Party has ruled Alberta for 43 years. Many of those years under a culture of entitlement and committing various forms of financial indiscretions acting more like a monarchy than a democratic government. The only way to circumvent this elitist arrogant attitude in government is to impose term limits on the Premier and the MLAs. It\'s time we put a stop to career politics in Alberta and impose a limit of 2 terms on all MLAs and the Premier. If you agree with imposing a two term limits on the Premier and MLAs in Alberta please sign this petition. It may not carry any legal weight but it will make them open their eyes and take notice.

Most Recent Signatures
4Grant M Askin
3David Helm
We have far too many career politicians at all levels of government spending taxpayers money only to further their own agendas!
2Ryan Handley
Good Idea!!!
1Corey Stuart
Accountability and credibility are crucial! Change can always bring with it fresh ideas and enthusiasm to do what needs to be done.

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Petition Details
Created By: Dale Stuart
Created On: April 3rd, 2014
Target: Taxpayers and Voters in Alberta
Category: Politics

Total signatures: 4
Signature goal: 200,000

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