1Matthew Ybarra
2Sadie Palmer
3Matthew Gallegos
4Joseph A. Bjorgaard
Build a real memorial to honor the vets, this dishonors them.
5Bryan Johnson
6Jennifer Gurden
7Gerald Schroepfer
8Ian Samples
9Michael Hughes
If this was a real memorial, we would have maintained it.
10Michael Alanis
11Karen Pack
12Sean Osman
13Brandy White
We don't need another old rotting building.
15Sarah Bowman
16Chris Barker
this is a horrid distraction from the beauty of the city by the bay. Tear it town and make a fitting memorial.
17Lorrie Rice
Why does this town think we should save every building in this town? We need to tear them down and start growing our city!
18John Timm
19Tracy Owen
20Carlos Flores
Tear the whole building down. We need change i nthis city.
21Sheryl Driskill
22Mark Behr
23Alisa Kennedy
We don't need a repeat of the the old court house. Let it go!
24Jennifer Burke
Tear down the eyesore and build a NICE Memorial at the park next door!
25Sandi Morita
26Tara Garcia
Enough! It's time for Corpus Christi to move forward and begin a new era.
28Christina Johnson
A memorial? This is an INSULT to our veterans! If we really want to honor them, we'll tear this one down and build something beautiful that the city can be proud to call a memorial.
29Annie Anderson
30Marco rodriguez
31Andy Moody
32Rene Rios Jr.
Get rid of this disgrace to our veterans! Enough is enough! Down with the Coliseum!!!
33Justin Bell
It's time let's move forward
34Lauren Medina
35David Lozano
Quit being idiots and give a corporation huge tax breaks to start a business there
36Liz Ortega-Ruiz
This is not a memorial. You want to make it a historical landmark, what ever happened to the old courthouse?
37Kate Clower
38Michael Quinn
Come on!
39Amanda Mintz
40Gary Henicke
Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this building!
41R. Gabriel Leal
I'm a veteran and I say TEAR it DOWN and let's move forward!
42Chris Powell
Tear it down from a 9 year Army vet. It is an insult veterans. Take the plaque and put it in Sherril Park.
43Doug DeSive
44Brenda Davis
45Andrew Garcia
A prime example of why Corpus will never grow.
46Lynette Cordell
47Wendy Strain
Historical monuments should honor the past, not disgrace it.
48Dwight Behr
49cristian radaneata
the city needs to grow, not dwell in the past.
50Cora Johnson
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Petition Details
Petition: Citizens Against the Friends of the Coliseum
Created By: Matthew Ybarra
Created On: March 30th, 2010
Target: Corpus Christi
Category: Other

Total signatures: 195
Signature goal: 100,000

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