Citizens Against the Friends of the Coliseum
These "friends" need to move on and let Corpus Christi progress as a city. Lets make the bayfront an attraction.

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195Anita Sanchez
Nothing wrong with Uber; say yes to progressive, continuous growth, CC.
194George Johnson
CC needs Uber
193Johnny Hotcakes
the people who want it are old. please say no to old people.
192Amanda Burns
Our Veterans deserve something better than this decrepit piece of concrete. Tear it down!
191Alyssa Black
190Jessica Harlin
bring on the wreckin' ball
189Jorge Rodriguez
Tear this thing down and properly salute our fighting men and women. Revitalize downtown CC!
188Kellie Ramos
YES to progress! NO to retrogress!
187Rick C
Having served in the USN, I find it insulting these morons want to save this building. As soon as I find what businesses they are associated with I will do my best to boycott them to the point they move out of the state
186Cynthia Duenas
This building is a sad representation of those who served their country. Tear it down and remove the eyesore from the bayfront. Move forward Corpus quit living in the past its gone. Something more edifying is much better than this disgrace of a building.
185Nancy H
The city is cutting the budget & city jobs & this mess is costing the city way too much money & for what? Tear the eyesore down. My husband is a veteran & is not honored by this rotting building. It is a dishonor to the vets & to the city. Tear it down!!!
184Melinda Hale
So sick of Corpus holding on the past, It's time to tear down that eyesore!!! It's old, ugly, & it's just sitting there!! Time to more on Corpus Christi!!!
183Carol Boyer
Auction off the seats to all the fans that want to keep it!!! Then they can keep a piece of it near and dear to them.
182Karen Weatherston
Tear this eyesore down! The city, like us cannot spend money they don't have! Can anybody say Nueces County Courthouse?!
181Carol Walther
The coliseum is a symbol of Corpus Christi's inability to make progress. Let's move forward by tearing it down and replacing it with something that will make our bayfront beautiful
180Bryan Roschetzky

179Richard Post
I am a veteran along with 10 other family members from WWI to Iraq and feel this is not the proper representation of a memorial!! Buildings come and go, please, lets put something up we can all enjoy!!!
178Bridget Post
177Compromise is Possible
I emailed the mayor and he replied that he is open to some kind of compromise on the coliseum but has been frustrated in his efforts to bring the opposing sides together. Truly, he just wants progress on this and not stagnation. My opinion is that part of the roof and not all of the roof should be saved. But that's jus...t my suggestion. I think a very nice NEW addition to the skyline could be created from PART of the EXISTING structure. I think, if done with care and quality in mind, it could be a very positive outcome. Saving the whole roof strikes me as a permanent circus tent, while saving only a section would create a space that mixes outdoor plaza and covered space.
176Matthew Weatherston
take a picture of it and put it in a museum. get the building off our bayfront.
175Stephen Wincelowicz
Tear it down, or move to Austin.
174Cissy Beasley
There is no reason for Corpus Christi to be so far behind other cities' progress, especially given our amazing and unique bayfront location. The potential is unlimited; tearing down this monstrosity will help set the city free to move forward.
173Juan Ricardo Lopez
The coliseum had a good run, but it is time to move on. We are not destroying the memories, just the building. To move foward, you must first let go. We as a community will never forget this landmark, but if this fighting does'nt stop...memories change?
172Trisha H
Tear this monstrosity down already. If it was still in decent condition I could understand keeping it but it's NOT so just GET RID OF IT!
171Casey Sheriff
We should have progress and growth like every other city in this state.

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Petition Details
Created By: Matthew Ybarra
Created On: March 30th, 2010
Target: Corpus Christi
Category: Other

Total signatures: 195
Signature goal: 100,000

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