Petition Signatures for Bring back Stroker & Hoop
1Raheem Miah
Let's pretend I'm real. Because I really do love this show.
2Mr. Perky
[as] has a very bad habit of cancelling shows (Space Ghost, Drinky Crow, 12 oz. Mouse, Moral Orel, Frisky Dingo, Home Movies...) and they need to stop. THE SHOW MUST GO ON.
This was a great show! Ended way too soon.
Stroker and Hoop was a really, really good show, a show that ended long B4 it should have, a show that should still be on air
5Frisky Dingo
This is Killface and I want new episodes of Stroker & Hoop. Just because real people watch it doesn't mean cartoon characters are excluded. I force Xander Crews to watch it when I capture him, and he wants new episodes also :D
7Ryan Brown
Bring back Stroker & Hoop or else
Just finish goddamn show
9Charlie Goodwin
I love Stroker and hope so much it makes my life better everyday i watch it.
10Micheal Shaara
Can we please bring back stroker and hoop?
11Bob Turner
stroker and hoop was hilarious to0 many good parts too mention here keep stroekr and hope alive!
12Andrew Tijerina
They really need to bring this show back if at least to finish the cliffhanger. Of all the shows on Adult Swim this was the only one that I feel was wrongly canceled. All else fails lets sell the rights so somebody else can bring it back...
13Joel Lovins
This show deserves one more season!
this show needs more episodes
I would like to see a season 2. This show has potential.
God, this was one of the first shows I watched on [adult swim] when I was first able to watch it at the age of 13. And it effin' killed me man when they left us with a Cliffhanger and now season two. Dick move, [as], dick move! Bring it back!
One of the funniest shows on [as].
C'mon! Do this thing...again!
The fans have spoken! New episodes of Stroke Her and Boob adult swim!
bring it back!
stroker and hoops is so much better than all of your shows that are on right now.
you canceld stroker and hoops just so you can show reruns of king of the hills and family guy? i just wanna slap some sense into you, you stupid waste of life
21kevin mueller
you, adultswim people, need to get your shit together and bring good shows back, such as stroker and hoop.
if you continue to piss off the viewers, we will fucking drop you!
brings its backs
23cornoner rick
gret so birng it bakkk
24Joel C.
i love this show it kicks so much ass please bring it back!!!
Bring It Back!!!
Storker & Hoop Rules!!!
Stroker & Hoop rocks!!!!!!!!
bring it back, it's the funniest show ever!!!!!!
27mike hunt
way way way better than most of the crap on tv. seriously a great show.
28Joel C.
29Camilo Rodriguez
Revive this show! One of the best animated series in Adult Swim.
30noah C
wow this is still like my favorite show. why the hell would you stop makin this show. its so funny and so creative. there is nothing better. its easily better then all that family guy.BRING IT BACK
31Jason Ayala
with all the random shows that come and go on adult swim, this by far was a diamond in the rough. funny but with sensible humor a la family guy, king of the hill etc. not random shock value as many of the shows have stooped to. please bring it back.
33Jacob Hernandez
Bring back Stroker and Hoop! An awesome comedy with a nice touch of raunchy, this show was great. It was awesome, and one of the reasons why Adult Swim kicked so much ass.
Stroker and Hoop need to be revived as a show and BRING IT BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
36Joel Nascimento
Adult Swim, Bring back stroker and hoop. It is a damn funny show and it will get its viewers in the 2nd season.
37Lars Anderson
We need this show to make us happy in the end Times.
38Jonathan Gladieux
Adult Swim is turning into FOX, the idiots who cancelled Arrested Developement, Family Guy, Futurama, and many more great shows that they didnt have the foresight to keep on air long enough to establish a proper fan-base! For shame!!
best toon ever
40Jeff S
One of the greatest shows ever made super funny.
please bring back the show....cheers from romania
42Lane Amason
It always made me laugh and all in all was really fun bring it back please.
43mike green
44Eric Piech
one of the best shows of all time. no brainer. bring it back
45Eric Piech
one of the best shows of all time. no brainer. bring it back
46Viscid gurdun
Crappy shows play and why is that good ones always end without finishing. Please bring it back. I would buy it in a heartbeat no matter the price you put it on. hate incomplete anime. Own the 1st and enjoy watching it hope they make the 2nd. Let's hope so
Bring it back! Bring it back! Bring it back!
one of the best shows of all time. no brainer. bring it back
Petition Details
Petition: Bring back Stroker & Hoop
Created By: Julian Hinmon
Created On: October 23rd, 2009
Target: Cartoon Network's [Adult Swim]
Category: Entertainment

Total signatures: 49
Signature goal: At least 500.

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