On June 18, 2010 Governor Riley appointed a non resident of Greene County to serve as Sheriff of Greene County, disregarding the interim sheriff, the newly, elected sheriff, former sheriffs who reside within Greene County and qualified residents of Greene County. This blatant disrespect will not be accepted. We need your support.
We, the undersigned, are concerned citizens who are pleading with the Governor of Alabama to appoint a resident of Greene County or the newly elected sheriff, Joe Benison to serve as Sheriff of Greene County. Joe Benison won the sheriff’s race in the June 1, 2010 Democratic Primary by over 75% and is unopposed in the general election.

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9Shawn Streeter
There should be some sense of prudence in handling this situation a lot better. This politics of morality nonsense is disingenuous. The last thing that we need is to eliminate jobs.
8Cheryl Satterfield
7Jamica Bolton
6Tony Walker
Somebody needs to investigate Bob Riley to see where all of this is coming from. He's put thousands of people out of work this is truly shameful.
5Temperance Griffith
Stop Riley crooked behind!
4Monique Smith
3Kori White
Stop Riley now!
2john butts
1Oliver Robinson
Keep Greenetrack open!! There are too many jobs that would be lost!!!

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Petition Details
Created By: John Powe
Created On: June 24th, 2010
Target: Mr. Riley
Category: Politics

Total signatures: 9
Signature goal: 3000

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