Srilanka: If this isn't GENOCIDE, WAR CRIME, Then What on Earth is?

People from across the globe are condemning the Human rights violations of Srilankan government. And civilized society is fighting hard to establish the justice to the tamils. Killing of nearly 1,40,000 innocents, war crimes, ongoing slaughter on the journalists, moderates, reformists, artists and having opposition leader behind the bars make the Srilanka as a criminal and a failed state.


People's Permanent Tribunal found Srilanka guilty of war crimes and Genocide.

UN's Human Rights Chief is critical of Lankan government Human rights records.

US human rights report accused Lankan rulers for the Human Rights violations.

For your reference i am attaching the supporting evidences for war crimes and Genocide

Grisly Photos Reveal Genocide by Sri Lankan Government Against Tamil People -

Srilanka: If this isn't GENOCIDE, WAR CRIME, Then What on Earth is?

SRILANKA: 10 May 2009: A day written by blood in Vanni

Sri Lankan Army's Artillery Barrage

Permanent Bunker Life

Hospital attacked, more than 60 killed on the spot

Acute shortage of Food

Shelling continues, Temple damaged

CLUSTER BOMBS used on highly congested areas

Famine death imminent, AIR STRIKE continued

SHELLS explode among civilians waiting for food, more than 100 killed today

Heavy fighting reported; thousands of lives at risk

Shelling and gunfire continued throughout the day

HOSPITAL attacked, dozens killed

MULLIVAIKKAL hospital turned into a mortuary


Tamil Family hung by Sri Lankan Army

Internally displaced persons (IDPs) - Internal Colonialism of Sri Lanka!

IDP's Let the people go

INTERNATIONAL CRISIS GROUP (ICG)'s Report on War Crimes in Sri Lanka


Sri Lanka: Human Rights Council (HRW) must call for an independent international investigation into allegations of war crimes in Sri Lanka (AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL)

DUBLIN TRIBUNAL FINDS against Sri Lanka on charges of War Crimes

Experts to advise Ban Ki Moon on Sri Lanka 's alleged war-crimes People's Tribunal report

BANNED CHEMICAL BOMB's used against Tamils in Srilanka

Child Without Head

What this child did? - This child spoke Tamil language that's the only reason Srilankan Army did like this

8 Month FOETUS also killed - A pregnant women killed by Srilankan army (Baby Child inside her body)

Just 13 Year old School Student without Head

Authenticated Video Recording of an Extra-judicial Execution of Unarmed Prisoners

Satellite Imagery Evidence Showing Sri Lanka Military "Purposely or Intentionally" Targeted PTK Hospital

Colombo 's cluster bomb attack on civilians in Vanni challenges international norms

Rape of Tamil Women: Sri Lankan Army's Weapon of War

Sri Lanka video 'Appears Authentic' By Jonathan Miller - Channel 4 News

Sri Lanka execution video 'Not Fake'

Srilankan Tamil Killings "Ordered from the Top" - Senior Srilankan Army Commander - By Jonathan Miller - Channel 4 News

Sri Lanka: New Evidence of Wartime Abuses - Human Rights Watch
Using Food and Medicine as a Weapon of War

Prisoners in Secret Camps

Ex-Sri Lankan Forces: Top Commanders Ordered Killings of Tamil Prisoners

PUCL calls for UN military intervention and war crimes trials of Sri Lankan leaders


Sri Lanka's disturbing actions met by ‘deafening global silence' - The Elders

Rajapaksa extremism cannot be changed: Lee Kuan Yew. Singapore's Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew

STOPPING GENOCIDE AND WAR CRIMES AGAINST THE TAMILS OF SRI LANKA (It is a systematic genocide under the garb of war on terror in Sri Lanka!) - By Francis A. Boyle

Arunthathi Roy's article about Srilanka

LTTE not a terrorist organisation - Karen Parker

Humanitarian Catastrophe in Sri Lanka - Dr Ellyn Shander

India upset with China over Sri Lanka crisis - Chellaney

How Cuba and the ABLA Let Down Tamils - By RON RIDENOUR

The Historic Right to Nationhood Tamil Eelam - By RON RIDENOUR


Hi Everyone,

I wanted to see if I could get your quick help. I just started a petition on titled Srilanka: If this isn't Genocide, War Crime, Then What on Earth is?, and I'd love your support.

Grisly Photos Reveal Genocide by Sri Lankan Government Against Tamil People -


Srilanka: If this isn't GENOCIDE, WAR CRIME, Then What on Earth is?

We ask People to sign here to save Human Rights & Justice in Srilanka.

Media's Hide this Genocide

Please Forward to your Friends & Relatives.

Thanks so much for the help!

Thanks & Regards,

Chennai (India)

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sri lankan Tamils will never forget those who raised their concern over the mass killing of them and hope you all get together and raise your voice all over the globe especially in India as we all feel that this tragedy occured because of the Cong Governt

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Created By: Muthamizh Vendhan
Created On: September 2nd, 2010
Target: To Everyone in this World
Category: Human Rights

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