Task: Demanding to ban skincare websites which promotes skincare products with biased reviews.

Issue: Today, people are living in very hectic lives. With busy schedules, people usually neglect to take care of their health. Skipping exercises and consuming unhealthy foods have become common among everyone. Due to this people are suffering from various health issues and skin related problems.

To overcome this problem, people depend on various chemical or pharmaceutical methods where they can see quick results. As a result of this, many skincare websites have launched to provide solutions for skincare issues. Some websites offer a review of skincare products along with skin ailments. Usually, people will like together some suggestions or recommendation before buying anything and hence they do little research and go through review websites. Unfortunately, few skincare websites are publishing biased reviews about the product to make some money. People who believe such reviews are buying skin care products that aren’t worth moreover such products are creating additional skin problems.

Solution: So many people suffer from a variety of skin problems such as acne, oily skin, rough skin, and skin tags. These skin problems can make us unattractive and cause self-esteem issues. So, we try some of the other methods to overcome these problems. When it comes to finding a solution for any problem, the first thing we do is to search for the solution on the internet.

If we google for review websites, we will get hundreds of result within a fraction of second. People believe that almost every review website provides unbiased reviews but the truth is there are websites who promote and provide positive feedback on unreliable skincare product just to make some money because they are being paid to do so. People trust such reviews and are wasting their money on buying inappropriate products. This can be costly and doesn’t work for everyone.

The review websites should publish reviews only after testing the products personally and by collecting user reviews, this will help people to buy reliable skin care product to get rid of skin tags issues and an unbiased review can also help people to spend their money on a worthy product.

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Created By: Samuel Crandall
Created On: March 13th, 2019
Target: skin care authority
Category: Health

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