Task: Educate People to play Memory games to avoid memory loss.

Issue: People facing the problem of memory loss at a very younger age itself

Sometimes, you forget a familiar face of your friend and couldn’t recollect it. You place your keys somewhere and, trying to search at another place. You park your car in some place and searching for it in another place. Phone numbers of your close buddies couldn’t remember and lot more similar things. These are symptoms of memory loss. Most of the people suffering from the above issue leading to serious problems in their life.
Memory loss is common among aged people. But nowadays kids also suffering from the same issue.
People simply ignore such memory problems easily without thinking memory is their future.
Soon after one notices a change in your concentration, attention and mental agility, then search some solution to improve your memory power. Keep in mind that, there is no use of playing computer games or video games to improve your mental agility.


Kids playing online games and other video games won’t help them to improve the memory power. So, memory games are one easiest way to improve memory power.
There are many memory games which you could play daily to improve cognitive health such as card games, matching card games and board games.
If you have interest in playing card games, then Sixchex is the best place to play your games.
Matching card games proved to increase your memory power, and Sixchex provides such six-way matching games for your ultimate brain challenge. Sixchex designed the six dimensions card game suitable for entire family members of 6 to 96 age groups. This makes easy for having a wonderful family get together and passing the leisure time with entire family members as well.

With Sixchex, one can able to play many dozens of card games according to your own design and rules. There are millions and millions of possible combinations with Sixchex six-way card games to improve your gaming skills faster than anything else on the market.
Play the exciting matching game free online at www.sixchex.com.

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Created By: Emily Snider
Created On: April 16th, 2019
Target: Health Ministry
Category: Entertainment

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