Red Deer needs more police officers!
This is a petition is for the city of Red Deer to immediately re-allocate funds to immediately provide an additional 20 front line – first response RCMP members to the Red Deer detachment.

WHEREAS the Red Deer RCMP detachment only employs 131 members while there are 151 positions allocated to Red Deer
WHEREAS only 56 out of the 131 members are dedicated to frontline – first response calls.
WHEREAS Red Deer has an average of 202 Criminal code files per 1000 residents compared to the Albertan average of 139 files.
WHEREAS Red Deer was named the 4th most dangerous city in the 2011 MacLean’s most dangerous city ranking, and has moved up to the 2nd most dangerous city ranking in 2012. Furthermore, whereas Red Deer has placed 1st in the most likely to be murdered 2012 ranking.
WHEREAS we are citizens, not statistics, we demand to be kept safe from criminality within our city.

Before signing your name, please ensure you are a Red Deer citizen eligible to vote.
This update was added to the petition statement on January 1st, 2013 at 9:20 pm

This petition has been submitted to Red Deer City Council, but please still sign the petition and email your thoughts to Red Deer City council members.

This update was added to the petition statement on January 13th, 2013 at 1:01 am

I am very pleased to inform everyone that in the recent 2013 budget deliberations Red Deer has added funding for 12 new police officers within the next 9 months. They have also allocated funds for 6 municipal positions which will give more efficiency to the officers on the front line.

Most Recent Signatures
116Kate Labelle
Streets need to be more safe with police!
115Todd Fink
Grew up and spent most of y life in Red Deer, and crime has never been a problem like it has in the last 5 years. As the city grows we haven't seen a proportional increase in policing...FIX THIS NOW!
114This signature has been deleted.
113This signature has been deleted.
112This signature has been deleted.
111Grant Miller
"Put those feet on the street" !
110Jacalyn Miller
We have recently had a "crash course" in drug addictions and I now know that Red Deer is full of drugs and addicts! It has really opened my eyes (in a bad way:(
109Muriel Holladay
Red Deer is growing so fast but our present council seems more focused on spending for new buildings than the safety of Red Deerians. They just won't listen!
108Darryl Wilson
107Jeff Fillion
The RCMP police services agreement between cities and provinces is a complex situation. Red Deer needs more police officer but you will not see it with the RCMP
106Carrie Marshall
105John and Sharon Bampfield
4th most dangerous city in Canada ...Scary
2nd city with most drunk driving charges in Canada...
We need more policing to keep our streets safe..Before we hit # 1 worst city in Canada, please hire more officers
104Diane Smith
Our city has doubled in population since I moved here in 1990. The police force is not staffed to accommodate this growth. It is an easy fix, hire more. Keep the citizens of this beautiful city safe!
103Cheryl Fanning
More members are needed for this expanding community.
102Kerri Hayward
Its very obvious that more members are required for this groowing city!!!
101Dina Tress
When Red Deer is voted 4th most dangerous city, doesn't that tell you something. It is not working with the number of RCMP members we have, there is no time for the already overworked members to patrol neighbourhoods and do preventative policing.
I've been in Red Deer for a little over 1 month and I've already been assaulted by a total stranger.
Maybe legalize and create "bounty hunters" like they do in the states. Seems to work well there. That way it creates jobs and a new "force" to help assist the Police.
98Ken Tress
I know the members are all over worked and the city has cheaped out here. They cannot patrol as they are way too backlogged. It is also my understanding that all councelors and the mayor have been invited to do ride alongs but all have declined.
97Glen Adkins
It would be nice to be able to see Police on patrol downtown and better response times.
96Edwin Mckain
stop the politics and deal with the problem
95Theresa Whittier
If we want to stop crime here in Red Deer we need more RCMP members.
94donovan macza
front line ...
93brittany bittner
that is disturbing and i thought calgary or edmonton was dangerous
92Joyce Middlestead
That's alarming!! What's the problem with getting more RCMP members??

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Petition Details
Created By: Calvin Goulet-Jones - Red Deer First
Created On: December 12th, 2012
Target: Red Deer Citizens
Category: Politics

Total signatures: 116
Signature goal: 2500

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