Task: Demanding to boycott spy software collecting high fee.

Issue: Earlier, people wished to know what was happening in their loved one’s virtual life. They wanted to know with whom their dear ones are speaking to? Where they are going? with whom they are spending time and what they are doing? By that time hiring a private detective to track down several activities was an expensive option. With advent of internet and advancement in technology, phone spy software was developed. Certainly, phone spy software is one of the great invention of present decade.

Today, millions of people are making use of phone spy apps for various reasons. These reason might vary from knowing about their kid’s whereabouts, catching a cheating spouse to track down unworthy employee. One of the great advantage of phone spy app is, it can be used to relocate lost or misplaced mobile phones. Since the popularity of phone spy apps is growing vigorously, spy app developers are costing high fee. People who are new to spying are paying high fees to buy a spy app.

Solution: Although spy apps are widely popular, few people don’t have complete knowledge about these apps. Such people when they find out they need to purchase spy apps, without second thought they will search for suitable spy app in google. Most of them endup in buying spy application by paying high fees because they don’t know that there are many spy apps like guestspy.com/ who provide their service for completely free.

Spy applications are designed to suit all kind of mobile phones such as smart phones, iPhone, blackberry and tablets. User just needs to install this app on suspect’s mobile and track each and every activity. With the help of spy apps, users will get detailed information about call logs, text messages being shared, web search history, real time location and can gain access to mobile files. Free spy apps won’t charge even small amount to provide all these information and it won’t compel users to pay for their service either. Few apps might provide only basic features for free and they might ask users to do payment for further access. If the basic details are not enough to track a suspect, then user is supposed to pay some amount.

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Created By: Levi Taylor
Created On: March 13th, 2019
Target: telecommunication ministry
Category: Other

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