To Set Up Counselling Centers For Singapore Tourists

Task: To Open Counselling centres for Singapore tourists at major places in the city.

The Issue: Singapore emerges as a top travel destination for many travellers, the city is famous for being cleanest city in the world. Singapore government have formed strict rules and regulations, they want to establish a clean and green city. All the citizens are well educated and the children are taught at school and in their family right from their early age. One can find many posters and signs in public places that reminds the people are not allowed to do any unlawful activities. If anyone caught breaking the law of Singapore will be prosecuted. Travellers are more likely to penalised because they won’t be aware of all the rules.

The Solution: The tourists should considerate and pay attention to each and every actions, there may be things that are normal in home countries but are illegal in Singapore. Every year large number of tourists are fined during their tour in Singapore because they are unaware of the strict rules and regulations. The government officials should set up the counselling centres at few major places in the city so that Singapore travellers will know about the rules, this will directly impact in slowing down the number of tourists who are getting punished.

The tourists even can look at the signs, posters and boards hanging at buildings, parks and streets. Littering, importing chewing gums, playing illegal games, drug activities, smoking and drinking in public is highly prohibited in Singapore. All these strict rules of Singapore as made the city a very safe place. Browse this site to extract about rules and regulations to be followed in Singapore.

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Created By: Antone Turner
Created On: December 21st, 2018
Target: Gaming Business Organization
Category: Human Rights

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