Boundary Changes - Support for Option 1
As concerned parents, caregivers and students we support Option 1 because
Best accommodation of students in permanent school facilities and minimal use of portable classrooms
Does not significantly skew allocation of portables towards one school vs. the other
Keeps communities together and does not use streets as boundary lines
Was recommended by the advisory committee and received more favourable feedback in the public consultation process
Provides a balance of overall enrolment across all schools

Most Recent Signatures
73Annette Merry
5429 Kindos Street
72Roger Merry
5429 Kindos Street
71Becky Dumais
70Joe Commisso
69Jennifer Commisso
68Tracy Simpson-Organ
I want to see a grandfathering system put in place for all exsisting students in all areas, and their siblings.
67Jeff Organ
I want to see a grandfathering system put in place for exsisting students in all areas.
66Tony Wong
65Tony Wong
64Barry Ramsbottom
63Sam Cunsolo
62Lina Cunsolo
61Snjezana Cukina
60Jennifer & David Boye
59Jody Reason
58Amanda Reason
57Genni Butt
56Chris Butt
55Tamara Sandy
54Lisa Rizzato
5165 Ridgewell Road
53Duane Froude
52Anna M
51David Gibson
50Mike Lucas
49Robert Cirillo

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Petition Details
Created By: Jennifer Ozog
Created On: April 20th, 2012
Target: School Trustees
Category: Education

Total signatures: 73

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