Bring Back Korgoth of Barbaria
We, the undersigned, ask that the Adult Swim network bring back the hilarious televesion show Korgoth of Barbaria.

We were given the privilege of seeing the pilot episode several years ago, and we were promised a full season. We haven't heard anything since.

For those who have not seen this pilot, check it out here. I promise you will become a fan.

Please bring back this fantastic television show.

The Undersigned.

Most Recent Signatures
A classic after just a pilot
Love the the comedy..please make it happen! !!
I've dated girls uglier than you for breakfast!
Long time I have not enjoyed such fine drawings and underated humour. Please, on behalf of people who ignore this show and all below and above petitioners, make this happen! "Shut up and take my money!"
6800Simon Lykke Lillebrohus
That was by far the best pilot I have ever watched! Please do something to make this happen!
6799Balázs Szabó
Obviously the best show i have ever watched. I would be soooooooo happy if they would release a season.
6798Marcel Serbassen
Its sooo fine, please do one season, PLEASEEE
6797Cari Spendlove
at least one season please
6795Chris Mcpherson
Metal as shit. Would watch.

No reason to not bring it back. Many people would watch.
6794Peter Sebastian
We need this!
6793Andrea Acquaviva
I need more.
Bring it back, please!!!!!
6791Mike Sav
This has such a great opportunity for success! Let it finish its story.
6790Gilen Daubriac
This show is the perfect fusion of metal gore and fun... Bring it back please T_T !
6789Kevin Shope
never forgive... never forget
I thought this show was the best thing ever made. Please bring it back :(
6784Lucas Staffel
It was amaizing and stunt! I want at least one season
6782Juan L. Durán
You have to doit

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Petition Details
Created By: Internet Guy
Created On: April 14th, 2008
Target: Adult Swim
Category: Entertainment

Total signatures: 6806

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