Bring Back Korgoth of Barbaria
We, the undersigned, ask that the Adult Swim network bring back the hilarious televesion show Korgoth of Barbaria.

We were given the privilege of seeing the pilot episode several years ago, and we were promised a full season. We haven't heard anything since.

For those who have not seen this pilot, check it out here. I promise you will become a fan.

Please bring back this fantastic television show.

The Undersigned.

Most Recent Signatures
Korgoth of Barbarian was the best serial... Ever.
7205Marc J. Merrill
Korgoth is Heavy Metal meets Conan the Barbarian with Adult Swim comedy thrown in, to not continue it is a crime against humanity!
Bring Korgoth back, pilot was wonderful so we need MORE!!
Korgath estubo muy bueno.Hagan un juego para andrioid aunque sea,con animaciones
7202Brandon Minster
We need Korgoth more then ever.
Please bring korgoth back, all over the world! There's nothing like this out there and we need it! Greetings from Germany
7200John F Murray
Bring back Korgoth!
Korgoth has to continue
Bring back Korgoth's chick.
Korgoth needs to return. Such potential. Bring it back!!
7196frank castallano
Korgoth would not talk. He would probably just eat the head of the guy that voted it down. So that's what I vote for. Head eat.
7194Miguel Malo
I fell in love with this Animation style and story..being a fan of Dethklok, samurai jack, and the producers of Korgoth of Barvaria I would like to see this master piece come back to life and I'm sure it will bring back some familiar audience..please Bring it back!!!!
Korgoth need to be bout back, we need to be able to watch a barbarian destroy and adventure on Adult Swim bring it back so we can see it
Korgoth of Barbaria, is television gold!!! But it was never given a chance. However Stupid BS like Children's Hospital and Loiter Squad (Both are as enjoyable/entertaining as being a jew in 3rd Reich Germany circa 1940 -1945) get multiple seasons???!!!
Korgoth live matters!
bring korgoth back now!
Bring Back Korgoth!!! Long Live the Barbarian m/
It's Brilliant and could be one of the best cartoons made in the west!
7184Hannah Van Weelden
More of this!!! I rarely see people who work on kids' show go on to create adult-oriented shows (Rick & Morty being an exception). Let's make this a reality!!!!
I hope Korgoth returns

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Petition Details
Created By: Internet Guy
Created On: April 14th, 2008
Target: Adult Swim
Category: Entertainment

Total signatures: 7207

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