Bring Back Korgoth of Barbaria
We, the undersigned, ask that the Adult Swim network bring back the hilarious televesion show Korgoth of Barbaria.

We were given the privilege of seeing the pilot episode several years ago, and we were promised a full season. We haven't heard anything since.

For those who have not seen this pilot, check it out here. I promise you will become a fan.

Please bring back this fantastic television show.

The Undersigned.

Most Recent Signatures
Bring it back... Like a rainnnnbow!
Please. Please bring this wonderful animation back to my television screen.
I can't believe this didnt get made into a show. I would've watched hundreds of episodes and bought all the dvds. I guess there is always Tim and Eric...NOT!
Adult Swim finally got an awesome, Conan-style, sword and sorcery show, and it was terminated. I was so excited after seeing that pilot. It now pains me to watch it, knowing what could have been.
I miss being on I have to work for my mead.
Best show. Need more.
Most ppl like it.
4462Mike Johnson
Such an amazing pilot. More episodes noooow!
4461Clive Corbishley
The perfect show for adultswim
4460Jochen V.
Slather yourselves in the flyers' dung if you don't bring back korgoth!
stop feeding us with all this pink crap and give us some good stuff. korgoth is first in the list
This show was made before it's time... Now with the likes of Metalocalypse can't you see this show would do great? Please please make us more episodes one cannot live on a pilot alone.
4454Joseph N
As a serious fan of swords and sorcery, and having read my dad's old Conan novels, I thought this would be a perfect outlet. And then it never appeared. Please, please re-think this. It's never too late and it's cult status is growing. For the viewers....
4453Fredric Berggren
If they made a season in the same fashion as the pilot, it would be the biggest success ever. DO IT!!!1
4452Chris Geisel
It was funny. And violent.

What's not to like?
4451Alan Johnson
im begging you to please bring this show back its epic. Seriously we get Assy Mcgee instead of this!
4450Ignace Pierre
This is one of the greatest shows ever produced by Adult Swim; Way better than those live action crap shows, So I'm here begging for it to come back and continue on. What the hell were you thinking Adult Swim?!!! Korgoth FTW
4449Seth Otterstad
best pilot ever. where is this show
4448S Payne
With all the horrid animation that gets on television, why can't a great show like Korgoth live?
4447dan hetrick
best pilot ever. please make this show happen
4446staci fletcher
funniest would be so sad to never see another episode.please please please bring it back!!!!!!!!!!
4445michael fletcher
the best cartoon i have ever seen.crap like aqua teen are good enough but korgoth is not? i disagree!

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Petition Details
Created By: Internet Guy
Created On: April 14th, 2008
Target: Adult Swim
Category: Entertainment

Total signatures: 6771

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