Keep Passions on Superchannel
After July 3 2012, you have stop airing the show everyone loves "Passions" and you say you MAYBE will bring season 5 this fall.. as viewers we want our show to stay on the air and get a new contract.. Sign this petition to tell them you want our show back! Please tell all your friends about this and I will send it to super channel.

Most Recent Signatures
Please bring passions back. I actually started liking the show when it was on. I would love to see season 5 and on.
The only reason I subscribed to superchannel is for Passions. Please bring it back.
pls bring back passions, its the only reason i subscribe to the superchannel.
the only reason i am paying for superchannel is to watch passions. i guess i am cancelling superchannel. please bring passions back.
pleeeeeeaseeeee bring back passions!!
I loved this show wish it was back on
Please bring passions back the only reason I subscribe to super channel is for passions. I already subscribe to The movie network which is $20 the super channel is about $12-15 I pay all this just for passions! The movie selection is really not that great.
passions is the best soap ever
29crystal elmy
best show ever. bring it back
pls bring it back
pls put the show back on it was a great show
26kim ceol
25Meredith Miller
My favorite show of all time. Never missed an episode. It is better than other soap operas bc they show things that happen in everyday life, where on Passions you never knew what was gonna happen!
24Cuc Le
Please bring this show back on air because it is the best daytime drama.
23kelley Martin
Please bring it back..especially to direct tv channel 101
22Fahira S
Please bring Passions back. Its my all time favorite show. I miss them.
21Tammy Myles
Please, Bring back Passions....I miss it so much
19Jennifer K
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE , Bring back Passions .... I have no clue what's going on now :(((
18Matt B
PLEASE!!!!!! Season 5 is when it gets really goood!
please bring it back i live for passions i miss it so much please we need it
please don't take this show off i was pretty upset when u took it off the first time and when i seen it again i was happy so plz keep it on
15maria melnyk
PLEASE bring Passions back cause now I'm lost!!!!
please return passions..i am a shut in and that show gives me laughs and sometime to look forward to

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Petition Details
Created By: James Brooks
Created On: July 5th, 2012
Target: Super Channel
Category: Entertainment

Total signatures: 38
Signature goal: 10,000

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