Petition for Wider Slection of Activities and Increase of Rights for Junior Schoolers
There were once days in the Junior School where students would be able to partake in a broad selection of activities, from Restaurant Club to Cooking Club to Japaneese Flower Club. Recently, due to a lack of faculty involvement and the addition of Study Skills as a required activity, the wide selection dried out. It is time for change. It is time to bring our rights back.

This petition is sponsered by The Greenberg-Soloway Act. Founded by Jack Greenerg and Abigail Soloway, both Students of the Class of 2014 at Hopkins School, the Greenberg-Soloway Act intends to achieve the following
1) The Addition of More Activities to The Selection and The Suppourt of Any Other Factors That Would Allow This To Occur
2)Study Skills Being Moved From "Required" to "Optional" unless recommended under teacher or parent/legal guardian.

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1Harry Unger
Hey! too bad were no longer in JSchool!

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Petition Details
Created By: Jack Greenberg
Created On: December 13th, 2008
Target: To The Decision Makers
Category: Education

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