The Resignation of Mike Garrison
The award of an unearned eMBA degree to Heather Bresch has called the academic integrity of West Virginia University into serious question and has led to unprecedented public outrage and embarrassment to WVU.

President Mike Garrison assigned his senior advisors to participate in the deliberations that led to this award. The extent of his subsequent personal involvement in or knowledge of this award is the subject of widespread speculation fueled by his perceived lack of candor and the unusual manner in which these deliberations were carried out.

This speculation has shaken confidence in his leadership. Calls for his resignation are emanating from faculty, students, and alumni in all parts of the country. WVU donors have rescinded major contributions pending his removal from office. Critical and derisive press coverage has appeared around the globe. We have never seen the WVU community so divided, so afraid, and so deeply troubled.

As President of WVU, Mike Garrison bears a unique responsibility to act in the best interests of the University. Regardless of the extent of his direct involvement, the highly publicized award of an unearned eMBA under his watch has damaged his effectiveness and his credibility as President. We doubt that WVU will be able to restore its reputation and its academic integrity under his leadership.

PETITION: We, the undersigned, respectfully request the WVU Board of Governors to require Mike Garrison?s resignation, for the good of West Virginia University and for the benefit of its students, parents, faculty, staff, friends, and alumni throughout the world.

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Created By: Charles Baldwin
Created On: May 15th, 2008
Target: West Virginia University
Category: Education

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