How to fix the economy and our personal lives
I would like to purpose that the government takes all home mortgages that are in current status or in default status and dismiss all monies owed.
The reasoning behind this is that most companies are failing because the public can not afford to make mortgage payments and afford other necessities.
If we take all 1st mortgages and dismiss them, the economy will rebound quickly because people will have money to spend on all other items and necessities of everyday life.
No this proposal is for 1st mortgages only. If you have a second mortgage or a home equity loan, you will still have to repay.
If there are any other suggestions toward this petition, please fell free to add or email me at

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Created By: Mandy Heether
Created On: September 20th, 2008
Target: ALl American
Category: Politics

Total signatures: 1
Signature goal: 5000000

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