To Set Up Counselling Center for Singapore Traveller
Task: Request to set up counselling centres for Singapore travellers to know about the rules and regulations of the nation.

The Issue: Singapore is a city that’s well known for its low crime rate and strong penalties even for the minor offences. All the strict enforced law is what makes Singapore a very safe and efficient city in the world. Citizens of Singapore do follow all the rules to avoid paying huge fines, but travellers won’t have much knowledge about the strict regulations of Singapore. While few actions many not be considered as a problem in few countries, they can be illegal at Singapore. At some point the travellers will sentenced to unwanted fines and even jail time, as they will not be aware about the Singapore rules.

The Solution: Singapore’s reputation is held up by the strict laws not just covering the drugs but also vandalism and political activity. Some activities such as drinking alcohol and smoking in public, singing in public, chewing gum, playing illegal gambling, connecting to other person’s Wi-Fi, littering, not flushing in restrooms are considered are considered as violation. If any one are seen involved in any such activities strictly penalised. For the first time visitors of Singapore, it is mandate to know about the strict rules of the nation, at many cases travellers are seen not following the rules and will justify there move by saying that they were not aware about those rules.

By opening the counselling centres at some major places of the city can help the travellers to know about the regulations. Check out here for counselling centres which result in slowing down the crime rate to zero by providing the necessity information about the strict regulatory of Singapore to the travellers.

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Created By: Eva Reilly
Created On: December 24th, 2018
Target: Singapore Tourism Board
Category: Human Rights

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