White House PetitionTo STOP The Military’s War on Christianity!
White House PetitionTo STOP The Military’s War on Christianity!

To President Obama: I am outraged and appalled that a U.S. Army training document lists evangelical

Christians as the nation’s number one “religious extremist” threat ...... more dangerous than radical, murderous groups such as Al Qaeda, Hamas, the Muslim Brotherhood, and even the KKK! I DEMAND that evangelical Christians be stricken from this biased list, that all military documents and educational material be corrected, and that our military personnel be instructed that evangelical Christians are NOT America’s enemies.

How dare you teach our military personnel that Christians who believe in the biblical principle of evangelism—as instructed by Jesus Christ—are a more dangerous extremist group than Al Qaeda? You have insulted millions of American Christians, including me!

Furthermore, I DEMAND a public apology from you, as Commander-in-Chief and President, to the members of our military and to Christian Americans for this reprehensible training material.

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2Charles Lewis
Hey, Ben, Martin, I'm wholly on board. Perhaps I can get y'all to sign mine: petitionhosting.com/petitions/nflfreespeech
1Martin Mawyer

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Created By: Ben Enloe
Created On: May 2nd, 2013
Target: President Obama
Category: Politics

Total signatures: 2
Signature goal: 100000

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