We the fans of "Swingtown" demand that CBS bring back
our show a show that had alot of potential despite ratings
it was our show and one of the best shows on television
we must make our voices heard and give CBS the fight of their life
and restore one of the most compelling shows ever!!

Most Recent Signatures
One of the best shows I've seen in many years. How could they cancel it?!
118Kristi Litton
117Everett Litton
Maybe this show would be better served on a channel like HBO or Showtime? Either way, it's great and should be back on TV!
Greatest show in a long, long time! Totally deserves a second chance!
114Natalia Brito
113Daniel Abbott
I love Swingtown too. I wish CBS would bring it back or sell it to some other company.
112shawn mantooth
love this show so much!!!
I miss this show so bad please bring it back my summer isn't going to be the same without it.
110billy french
108Sheri Windsor
Loved this show...We need to have a show like this on the air, it is thought provoking, gets us all outside all our day to day crap...So how can it be a bad show. It is and did what TV shows are meant to do. PLEASE bring it back.
107Brandon McGill
Needs to come back, maybe Showtime or HBO can pick it up. But seriously needs another season or at least a two hour movie.
106michelle cook
This was awesome. Bring it back!
LOVE this show!!
Loved this show. It was taken off air too soon.
102daniele castrogiovanni
I loved the show. please bring it back!
101Camelia Matei
Please bring back Swingtown series. I love the show, the characters, the music, all about the 70's.
Bring it back...Loved it!!!!
99D Giudici
Bring it back please! It's the best show on tv for a while!!!
Bring Back the 70's & swingtown. A great show for couples.
97PJ Norman
Love this show!
96D Lords
Desperate house wives Suck! reality shows suck!Bring back this great show.
95Mary Anne
This show was amazing. The character development was fantastic. And it really captured the essence of the 1970s. I loved the music, the clothes, and all the actors/actresses, especially Grant Show!

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Petition Details
Created By: Joel Cantu
Created On: May 4th, 2009
Target: CBS Television
Category: Entertainment

Total signatures: 177

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