Demand To Boycott Leather Bags Manufactured Using Animal Body Parts
Task: Demanding to boycott leather bags manufactured using animal body parts.

Issue: Handbags have become essential part of women’s life, they carry their handbags where ever they go. Stepping out of home without carrying handbag is highly impossible to any women. Today, women’s handbag are important fashion statement, the better handbag they have and the better style they get. The fashion trend keep on changing constantly and with that even handbags are not left behind. Many women’s like to use leather handbags, these bags are made using animals skin or furs. Poor animals are killed inorder to create a fashion piece.

Solution: As a result of revolution for protecting the animals and their rights many handbag manufacturers and designers have created alternative material for leather. More people are realizing that there are many other alternative options when it comes to look for amazing handbags. Women today need not to buy leather bags or fur trimmed accessories just to look good, Vegan handbags are in trend and these are often called as cruelty free bags as there wont be any animals included in manufacturing the bags.

These vegan handbags are approved by PETA so the buyers of vegan products are considered as advocates of animal protection. By using animal friendly bags people can do a bit to save environment. Vegan bags are not lesser than any leather bags, they are available in every possible colors, sizes and styles. People should boycott using leather bags and use vegan handbags which will help to stop unnecessary killing of animals for fashion purpose.

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Created By: Ernest krebs
Created On: February 11th, 2019
Target: Animal Welfare Board
Category: Other

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