Ban Footwear Review Websites

Task: Demanding to ban footwear review websites providing biased reviews.

Issue: Footwear is undoubtedly an essential thing we all need in our daily lives. We can spot different styles of footwear from normal daily wear shoes to sports shoes in market. Not every shoe will match for every occasion, hence there are shoes for various purposes like walking, jogging and running.

People when they look forward to buy a pair of shoes, they look for some suggestions or recommendations. They ask their friends about which shoe would be best to buy and if they don’t find good suggestion, they will move to internet to find out best shoes. There are many shoe review sites helping people to choose best shoes but not every review site is genuine enough to provide truthful reviews. Some sites are publishing biased reviews on unworthy products as they are paid to do so, people who trust such reviews are wasting their money by buying worthless shoes.

Solution: Today, shoes are not just essential thing but they have also become part of fashion and it is mandate to make use of shoes in some games like running, cycling, volleyball and baseball. For a sports buff, it is important to choose the best sports shoe. Before buying any shoe, its critical to go through few review to check if the shoe is worth paying money or not.

There are ample of review website present over the internet, if we google for shoe review website we will get thousands of results within fraction of seconds. People believe that every review website is genuine and provide unbiased review but the truth is far from people’s assumption. There are many review sites which promotes and provide positive feedback on unreliable shoe products. They publish biased reviews just to make some more money. People who trust such reviews are buying inappropriate footwear, this is wasting their money.

Every footwear review website should publish reviews only after testing the products manually and by collecting user reviews. Check out the unbiased reviews that helps people to buy appropriate product without wasting their hand earned money.

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Created By: Ericka Steuber
Created On: March 27th, 2019
Target: Internet Society
Category: Human Rights

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