Anthony Tyler Quinn Fans United
Anthony Tyler Quinn is an under-rated and often unnoticed actor who
deserves more recognition. It is our hope that Anthony Tyler Quinn
will check out a Yahoo! Group and message board that a friend and I
run and will at the very least give his okay to make them official, as
well as, if he likes, help run and maintain them and even post on
them. The group and the message board are drama and spam free, small
but active and a lot of fun to be on, and we have worked hard to keep
them that way. And if Anthony Tyler Quinn likes the group and board
enough, we hope he will add them as links on his official site,

If Anthony Tyler Quinn chooses to join the group and message board, he
would be made into an Admin or a Moderator (his choice) and could make
any changes he likes and do pretty much anything on them that he
wanted. We feel that he will be impressed with the group and message
board and above all hope that at the very least he will check them
out, and let us know his thoughts on them. Please sign this petition
if you agree that he should check out, and if he wants to, join the
group and message board. The link to each is below.

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Created By: Alison Palmore
Created On: November 3rd, 2008
Target: Anthony Tyler Quinn
Category: Entertainment

Total signatures: 0
Signature goal: 50

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