Track Mobile Location Using Geo Location
Task: Awareness on privacy violations by unapproved geo location software or app.

Issue: Unapproved Geo Location software tracking your location and voice and text messages without your knowledge.

Who does not want to have a facility to track their lost or stolen mobile. Geo location softwares not only tracks your mobile location but also provides sms and voice conversation details of the mobile owner.

When GLS is used to track mobile location, it also helps to keep track of children, employee, driver . It helps in case of personal emergencies like when a person suffers heart attack and his phone is ‘on’, then it transmits the signals that a medical team can track and find the person. If your child uses a mobile phone, then tracking their child’s whereabouts become much easier for parents. You can keep track of your friends by just keying their mobile number and network provider to see which location he is in while you are waiting for a friend.

All geolocation Softwares have to be legal and comply by the National Commission for Informatics and Liberties (CNIL). Even if the software is used to spy on a person, it is necessary for the NICL to appove.With the growing demand for geolocation software, unapproved geolocation software take advantage of this and are misusing the software for personal and fraudulent activities.

An online geolocation software website, has to demonstrate a strict privacy policy of personal information of the person who is visiting the website. Their privacy policy should safeguard the personal information even though the website is upgraded to enable new technology.

Free online geolocation softwares which uses cookies only to collect information about how their website is used. Information like date and time of visits, pages viewed, time spent on the website only to improvise the website.The personal information entered should only be used by the website to send emails about their important messages and not to spam the mailbox. The cookies should be used only to gather feedbacks to improve the website to serve the user with better technology.

Unapproved websites and some frauds who have hacked the software may share or sell your information to telemarketers or other people who want to spy on you. These crooks can easily sp on your whereabouts, voice conversation, sms and mms. Such unauthorised access should be prevented so that the user can have a secured experience on the website.


The only solution to prevent unauthorised access to your data is by self educating thyself about Free yet reliable geoLocation softwares. You have to see that they have a strict private policy which ensures to protect the details that are shared by the user. To prevent unauthorised usage of User data, to maintain accuracy and ensure correct usage of information, the online tracking website has to have proper physical and electronic procedures to safeguard and secure the information that is collected by the user.

There are Free online phone tracking websites to track your stolen or lost mobile which are reliable and accurate. These websites do not demand for your personal details. You just have to key in the mobile number which you want to track and the websites provides accurate location of the mobile.
To find free, reliable phone tracking website online, click on

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