Bring Back Team Hilario
About three years ago, in 2006, Team Hilario made it\'s debut covering \'I Believe I Can Fly\'.
Here is footage of the monumental event:

It consisted of two of the three members of the Jonas Brothers and their drummer, Alex Noyes, and bass player, Greg \'Garbo\' Garbowsky.
In early 2007, Alex Noyes left the Jonas Brother\'s back up band and went off to pursue a different musical route.
There was no hard feelings between him and the rest of the band, but it seemed that was the end of Team Hilario.
Then, it was announced that Honor Society, Alex\'s current band, would open for the Jonas Brothers on their world concert tour.
It seems that now is the perfect time for Team Hilario to reconcile!

I want to petition to get them back together at least once during this tour.
Who\'s with me?

Most Recent Signatures
TEAM HILARIO was the BEST. I would LOVE to see them reunite :)
4Kimo MBF
MBF supports this petition! TEAM HILARIO... REUNITE!
3Kate B
haha YES! I say, on the last day of the tour...Team Hilario reunites for ONE more hilarious skit!!! :-D
I really would LOVE to see a Team Hilario reunion :) Good LUCK!
1Alex Skinner

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Petition Details
Created By: Alex Skinner
Created On: June 26th, 2009
Target: Team Hilario (Joe Jonas, Nick Jonas, Alex Noyes, Greg Garbowsky)
Category: Entertainment

Total signatures: 5
Signature goal: 1,000

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