Sonny with a chance should come back!
Sonny with a chance should come back!

Sure so random fridays are good. But I don\'t like waiting a whole week for it to come on. Sonny with a chance is funny, and is on everyday. So random sketches are only between shows on Family channel. Like i said before Sonny with a chance was on everyday. It still is but it dissapointed all my friends, when they weren\'t making anymore new episodes.

It was all because Demi Lovato quit. She said she had family problems, but i suspect it was a little more then that. And Sterling night stepped into So random. But it doesn\'t make a difference I want more episodes of sonny with a chance! So sign please!

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1Caroline Jalili
I love this show so much, it was so clever and pretty popular. Demi should see how many fans she has gotten because of the show!

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Created By: taylor Plourde
Created On: July 19th, 2011
Target: Twitter
Category: Entertainment

Total signatures: 1
Signature goal: more then 100

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