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Issue: Men struggling to cope up with the rising demand to balance work-family life

For everyone, own family is important. It is important to spend equal amount of time as work at home. We have to balance work and home so that none suffer. But majority of people find it difficult to find or at least, manage to find a "kind of" work-life balance which satisfies them temporarily until the next crisis comes or family issues arise which pulls them in a different direction. Today's life is busier, faster and more hectic than before, leaving men struggling at times to divide their time equally between, work, family friends and still managing to find few minutes to one-self just to breathe, take time to relax and most importantly, to just enjoy life.

Men often appear to be high achievers who seem to have enormous energy when others were tired... who appear to be enthusiastic and able to handle things single handily without external help, but the reality is these men often suffered from depression, stress, anxiety and low self-esteem.

Men need to focus on their own lifestyle to have a healthy work and home environment. Men should assure themselves by learning how to cope up with life to tackle these hurdles and avoid creating negative habits.


Men just have to identify their hurdles and act according to the situation. If itís not identified, their behaviour may become a habit, which can affect their life.

With the rise in demand for information that men are seeking to resolve their issues have given rise to many websites which are dedicated to men alone. Since men's bodies and minds are different from that of a woman, it is for sure that typical articles for females may not help men to unlock their issues.

Therefore, men can rely on websites dedicated on topics relevant to men's health, finances, sports and well-being. Men can also benefit from articles on mental health and lifestyle types which give a broader view on fashion and technology too.

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Created By: Robert Mefford
Created On: August 8th, 2018
Target: Demand education to balance work and family life successfully
Category: Health

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