Taking decisive action against criminally negligent Tribal DDB and Hasbro Games
We the undersigned decree that the management and significant employees of Tribal DDB and Hasbro be pushed into a shit-filled canal and poked and prodded with long poles while being pelted with copies of shoplifted Monopoly City board games and associated playing pieces due to the monumental and EPIC failure inflicted upon unsuspecting and well-intentioned hobby gamers in the most cynical, abusive, manipulative, and dishonest fashion in the history of gaming. Monopoly City Streets is simply catastrophic.

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great idea..but really bad programming..
this game sucks balls for too many reasons to list.

that does not mean that people should not speak out. just sayin.
13Donald Osmand
Anyone remember the game Dick Tracy on the Amstrad? It scored a record low 3% - this game is far far worse than that.
Yup total epic fail
10John D
Simply the biggest fail of all time.
It seems they are trying to recreate the feeling of wanting to play real Monopoly, distributing the cash, buying two houses, then getting bored, frustrated, and quitting. Anybody who seriously attempts playing the online game for more than a day's worth of novelty is inevitably forced out due to the many and varied massive cock-ups of the game creators.
7Dan L.
I put up with the slow servers, but when you removed all the buildings from my two biggest streets, I quit. What a colossal waste of time! I will shun all forms of Monopoly in the future until the sting goes away.
public relations of game maker totally suck. they could explain that there are problems and tell that this and this can occur and EXCUSE.. this management sucks.
First MMORPG where company let cheater cheating and punish regular players who does not cheat - First MMORPG with no rules but change along the game without reset
Great Job
Worst online game i ever played in my life..
This is a worse FAIL than Thalidomide.
1Oney Gutalk
This is an outrage. Even the fact that Hasbro make transformers cannot make up for this. Disgusted of Tunbridge Wells

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Petition Details
Created By: Edward Murphy
Created On: October 2nd, 2009
Target: Tribal DDB and Hasbro
Category: Corporate Accountability

Total signatures: 16
Signature goal: 66,550,922,000

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