Guess Who needs to be in the hall
I am calling out to all classic rock lovers for help. There is a major issue. There are so many great rock and roll bands that are not in the rock and roll hall of fame. One that I was very passionate about was Rush and guess what?! With your help, Rush got inducted into the rock and roll hall of fame in 2013. However, they are not the only great Canadian rock and roll band to not get inducted or get inducted late. There is another. Anybody want to GUESS WHO?

The Guess who really took shape in 1966. They are a legendary rock and roll group formed by Chad Allen, but made famous by Burton Cummings and Randy Bachman. The band was formed out of Winnepeg, Manitoba. A good group of Canadian boys producing great rock music hit after hit after hit. I would like to name a few of their biggest hits for you: Albert Flasher, American Woman, Bus Rider, Clap for the Wolfman, Do you miss me Darlin\', Guns/Guns/Guns, Hand me down world, Laughing, No Sugar Tonight, New mother nature, No Time, Rain Dance, Share the Land, Sour Suite, Star Baby, These eyes, Undun (she\'s come), A wednesday in your garden, Amy, Anything for love, Babys birthday, Bye Bye Babe, Down and Out Woman, Hang on to your life, Minstrel Boy, Nobody Knows his name, Palmyra, proper stranger, Runnin\' back to saskatoon, Seems like I can\'t live without you/but I can\'t like with you, Silver Bird, Sound the horns of Gabriel, Still feels like Love, and many, many more!

The Guess who have recieved honors such as being inducted into Canada\'s walk of fame in 2001 and being inducted into the Canadian music hall of fame in 1987. There are so many more, but way to many to list. The many awards they have won can be found and their songs can be found The only thing that the Guess Who have not recieved and are very deserving of is their induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Musuem in Cleveland Ohio.

With your help, I am sure we can get the Guess Who into the hall. Please sign my petition and I will gladly return the favor if you need a petition signed as well.

Many thanks, Jordan Freeman.

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1Jacob Freeman
Think Guess Who is one of the best bands ever and hope WHOever likes Guess Who should sign this petition.

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Created By: Jordan Freeman
Created On: September 20th, 2014
Target: rock and roll hall of fame
Category: Media, Arts, Culture

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Signature goal: 1,000,000

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