Addressing The Myth Of Root Canal Therapy
Task: To Create An Awareness Among People To Overcome Few Myths About Root Canal Treatment.

The Issue: The root canal treatment is done to relieve the pain that is being caused by the tooth that is damaged. Root canal treatment is considered as one of the best treatment to reduce the chances of extracting the tooth which is affected. Despite of its popularity, there are few myths about the root canal treatment that few people are scared off. These myths are stopping few patients from getting the treatment done. One such big myth is that the root canal treatment is very painful. This common myth has its own root from decades where the treatment was done using some non-advanced methods unlike today.

The Solution: Advancements in the field of Dentistry along with the use of some effective anesthetics has made the root canal treatment procedure less painful. It should be noticed that the treatment is highly based on the removal of the infected pulp, which is the main reason that causes the pain. If people keep on delaying to visit the dentist it causes the severe infection in the affected tooth. The intensity of the pain will gradually reduce as the source of pain is removed by the treatment. However, the anxiety and nervousness over the tooth may contribute to some sensations. But in reality, patients will feel better after the treatment in and they won’t experience much pain during the therapy. If the patient experiences any pain after the root canal therapy it is just because the inflamed tissues under the tooth will be undergoing the process of healing. This discomfort can be healed with the help of pain killers.

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Created By: Matthew Thompson
Created On: October 31st, 2018
Target: People having myths Abouit Root Canal
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