Canadian Child Support Guidelines and Laws
The Guidelines are built on the principle that both parents should share the same portion of their income with their children as they would have if they had continued to live together. In broad terms, the guidelines ask “what would a parent with this income usually spend on his or her children?” and support payments are set accordingly. The receiving parent is presumed to contribute to the children in proportion to his or her income.

Line 305 in the income tax rules states “you cannot claim this amount if the claim is for a child for whom you were required to make support payments for”. There is a contradiction in there and I would hope you see it. Since you are paying in child support the same amount of money as if they were living with you, why can\'t you at the very least be able to claim your child as a dependent. Currently, the payee gets all this tax free money and gets to claims the kids on their tax return? Also as previously stated is it presumed that receiving parent contributing to the child as well. There is no proof of that, yet they can claim their child for income tax purposes. There is something wrong with this taxation law.

Individual circumstances need to be addressed when calculating support payments. It can not be as general as it is laid out now. There are many many flaws to this justice system. A standard of living evaluation for both parents should be made mandatory before payment is calculated.

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I encourage you to email the Minister of Justice Honourable Robert Nicholson at with your concerns of the current child support laws.

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16Peter Murphy
I am all for child support if it was going to good use. as well this issue needs to be revised, due to that the the judge goes by the gross income and not take home. This needs to be updated in 2014, government needs to really look at this issue.
15Todd Whittom
And if I deserve to be unemployed then who would support your ass?
14Todd Whittom
Jenn Whittom is a scam artist who used my son's cancer as a way of making money through fundraising while she didn't spend a cent, staying in hospital 24/7 while eating his hospital food. Everytime I went to see him she was so ignorant she wouldn't leave
13Jenn Whittom
Todd Whittom, is a liar ... He is a complete moron that deserves to be unemployed. Be a real dad and come be with our sick son.
12Conrad p
If the mother is willing to except child support then she should be required to submitt her reciepts confirming that the child support is directly supporting the child. This should be about the children and make every one accountable for they actions...!!!
It should be a choice to provide support only because its not fair in many cases and all are diffrent as well.I am completly discusted with this.Any one who supports thair kids has rights to claim them!
10a. Lucas
All of the rules surrounding family law need to be changed. It is soooo unfair now...the mother can do no wrong...the guys are hassled, controlled and ROBBED for 25 years...unfair!!!!!!!!!!!!!
it should be canged what happens to the payor has pay above his new family. what happen to ove and the mothers always say pay me...greedy *****es isn't that what the gov't helps out with too...and the money is for the kids not you personally. auuggghh
8Todd Whittom
By the way Rob, I wouldn't have been put on stress medication and sleeping pills if I didn't have to help support your kids on top of my own for 4 years jerkoff
7Todd Whittom
Don is actually my current fiancees ex-husband who fought paying his ex-wife child support for 4 years because he figured he didn't have to! Isn't that right Rob Strauss? Glad to see you finally joined the rest of us men!
He's a chronic liar too!
6Pierre-Luc Jodoin
Child support guidelines are clearly unfair.
my kids dad owes me $70 000 how come this is not against the law?
TODD WHITTOM is a lazy good for nothing man. He is faking a disability so that he "thinks" he won't have to pay his ex-wife child support.
3Isabelle Carpentier
There are so many flaws in the guidelines, they need to be fixed for the sake of families and kids.
2Todd Whittom
My ex uses all her child support on her new baby from her new boyfriend. My kids asked for new back packs for school and she said no. She also didn't buy them back to school clothes but it's ok for her to spend it on booze, eating out!
1Donna Thiessen
Let's get this change done.

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Created By: Donna Thiessen
Created On: August 18th, 2010
Target: Payor and Payee of Child Support in Canada
Category: Politics

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